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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Crossroads {A unique Final Fantasy}[Working Title]

Tags: Final Fantasy, Role Play, Fantasy, D20 System, RP Guild

Carlos Ralfer Public 4,224 20
Unofficial Fullmetal Alchemist Guild

For Role players and non-rping fans anything fma related

Tags: Roleplaying, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, literate, Manga

M u s t a n g Public 4,300 240
Open Heart: A Yaoi RPing Guild (CLOSED//RESET)

Everyone needs love, from schoolboys to slaves.

Tags: Yaoi, Master and Slave, Love, School, Roleplaying

CrzyAlterEgo Private 17,751 224
Wrong End Of The Bat: A Zombie RP Guild ((U//C))

Using your own survival knowledge, can you survive the beginning of the end?

Tags: Zombies, Roleplay, Survival, Under construction

Rangalord Public 22 4
Manifest Dreamery

A b/c rp shop

Tags: breedables, originalart, roleplay

Dgcakes Private 2,432 44
Purely Persocom

Supreme Role-Play Guild about Persocoms and their own secret social lives!

Tags: persocom, roleplay, anime, chobits

grellxslutcliff Public 30 4
☠Forbidden Love❤

Will love beat all odds this time...?

Tags: romance, forbidden, creatures, war/peace, future

Alliecat298 Public 222 16
Isis Academy

Tags: Vampire, School, Vampire School, Role play

Kaiki.Juliet Private 6,202 46
Reaper's Covenant

We save lost human souls for eternal salvation and send the demons soul straight to hell or eat them (taste like chicken...sometimes).

DylanNightroad Private 163 21
Children of M A N A

A Mage and magic based role play

Tags: Magic, Role Play, Mage, MANA, Literate

X Fate Amore X Public 788 19
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