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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
deυѕ eх мacнιna [beta testing]

тнιѕ ιѕи'т тнє єи∂ σf тнє ωσяℓ∂, вυт уσυ ¢αи ѕєє ιт fяσм нєяє.

Tags: deus ex, robotics, futuristic, nanomachines, augments

JudgeGuillotine Private 192 6
Lusty Hater's Guild

For People Who Hate The Item Known As Lusty Scoundrel

Tags: Lusty, Hater, Hate

iPod Serenade Public 13 13

We are a guild that are against people who cyber... If you are one of those people who get sick when people cyber, JOIN US TODAY.

Tags: anti-cyber, protest, hate, sicko, cyber

Dead_Call Public 14 15
Protest | An Obstinate Throne |

A self-Made RP

Dionysus or Bacchus Public 2,302 19
The Three Rivers Agency (Reservation)

The land in which the Chiricahua Beasts,and their friends and allies reside and converse together.

Tags: Wolves/ werewolves, Native, Role play, Reservation, Agency

FROGSISTER Private 256 14
Bacon will rule!!!

This guild will plan bacon attacks all throughout gaia!

Tags: army, bacon, crispy, super, blank

Super Saiyan Bacon Public 5 5

Home of the Nimbi, a breedables shop...

Tags: Nimbi, Demons, Breedables

Nimbis Keeper Public 1,064 21
World Peace or War?

Rebellion has erupted across the globe once again after a period of peace and prosperity.

Tags: Rebellion, Wars, Role-play

TheDrunkTank Public 16 1
Runaway Island

The home of social rejects and outcasts.

Tags: outcast, runaway, crazy, island, reject

Drasherofbananas Private 3 2
Faerie~Seelie vs Unseelie

Home of the Fae's, Sidhe and humans

Tags: role play, Sidhe, faerie, 18 and up, kingdom

HimeXsamaX Private 296 3
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