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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Polls & Polls & Prizes - RAFFLES ETC........... BlackRoseBleeding Private 501,525 7,775
☽~zOMG! * Addiction * Agency~☾

It's all about the zOMg.... and some gold...and some killing :D

Tags: Gold, Friend-Making, Helping, Crewing, Events

AcidicAmaya Public 3,534 935
Pixelated Gods

We will be known, just you wait.

Tags: Random, Friends, meet, events

o-Mini-o Private 291 73
Insane Gamers HQ Amai Sakura-chan Private 39,277 45
Harry Potter Guild of Gaia

The most active Harry Potter and Discussion guild in Gaia!

Tags: Harry Potter, books, Discussion, Literate, Events

Professor_Adonis Private 153,299 124

A specialty role-playing guild: A mystery role play, where anyone is capable of murder, even you! Die where it's fun!

Tags: role playing, murder, mystery, winning, prizes

Serendipitous Coma Public 3,593 204
Lucky Lucky Station

Contests, giveaways, lottos, bump, auctions

Tags: Contests, Auctions, Lottos, Bump, Giveaways

memorybrn1_1 Private 166 12
Wasure Rareta (The Forgotten)

We are currently close for reconstruction.

Tags: Story-Line Based

10th Hitsugaya Private 1,225 4
AB/DL United "Diaper Paradise"

Deals with any and all things diapered.

Tags: Diaper, Infantilism, AB/DL, Regression, Ageplay

crystal Soup Private 1,328 81
the 410 clique

group, family, fam, money, 410, clique, team, squad, fun, roast, contests, clout and allat

Tags: the 410, clique

finesse it Private 217 73
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