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The Carson Collective

A collection of great role-plays all in one place so more people can bask in their glory.

Tags: heroes, zombies, star trek, alien, villains

Twisted Soulbinder Private 378 22
Harlons Prison for The Inhuman

Harlons is in close relations to St. Hulins Asylum for Boys and 7th Hells Boot Camp for the Unruly; Respect is Mandatory.

Tags: Male Only, Prison, Roleplay, Romance, Horror

BackupMurdor Public 311 6
Hell's Home for the Freaks

A hospital that started out with dark practices, turned into a home for those labeled as freaks.

Tags: Hell, Freaks, Home

Rabid Hampters Public 1,069 16
The Birdcage of a Deadman

This guild is a Deadman Wonderland role play but the destiny is in your hands!!

Tags: Deadman, Wonderland, role play, undertaker, branch of sin

Roka Azuya Junsui Private 101 8
Inside the Dreaded Prison.

A guild whose setting will be inside a prison.

Tags: Prison, Real life, Fact, Open Ended, Member Driven

Hakizimana Inu Public 5,542 10
[U/C new guild to come!]

Will be up soon.

Tags: Fantasy, Original, Violence, Monster, Prison

NeonxPanties Public 17,078 252
All-Purpose Spray

A guild for multiple roleplayers to bring a people to have fun.

Tags: Zombies, Doughnuts, Anime, School, Roleplaying

The Killer Memories Public 424 32
Warriors; Darkness Returns

After the fall of the Dark Forest, a new danger threatens to destroy the four clans.

Tags: Warriors, Warrior Cats, Roleplay, Fighting, Action

iSqueeze Public 35 3
On War's Edge

Step inside and see where your destiny lies.

Tags: Roleplaying, Magic, Fantasy, Dragons, Love

RandomMelonGuy Public 2,213 16
Death Origins: Assassin's lines

Assassin/Augmented Human Guild

Tags: Assassin, Zombie, Death, Violence, Killing

Kamino Nabarre Private 1,417 14
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