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Harlons Prison for The Inhuman

Harlons is in close relations to St. Hulins Asylum for Boys and 7th Hells Boot Camp for the Unruly; Respect is Mandatory.

Tags: Male Only, Prison, Roleplay, Romance, Horror

BackupMurdor Public 311 6
Eternity Lands (Temporarily Closed)

Demons Vs Villagers, are you here to invade this village or defend it? (nice demons UNneeded)

Tags: Demons, Magic, Anime, RolePlay, Beach

Fang Massacre Public 2,986 58
[U/C new guild to come!]

Will be up soon.

Tags: Fantasy, Original, Violence, Monster, Prison

NeonxPanties Public 17,078 252
Bleach: The Hand of Sorrow

The Seiretei is broken, and Hueco Mundo is on the move...

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Shinigami, Seireitei, Soul Society

yurescapex Public 18,423 48
All-Purpose Spray

A guild for multiple roleplayers to bring a people to have fun.

Tags: Zombies, Doughnuts, Anime, School, Roleplaying

The Killer Memories Public 424 31
Warriors; Darkness Returns

After the fall of the Dark Forest, a new danger threatens to destroy the four clans.

Tags: Warriors, Warrior Cats, Roleplay, Fighting, Action

iSqueeze Public 35 3
Destiny Island: A guild for the heart seeking freedom

this guild is for anime and video game lovers alike, if you like rp's this is your place

Tags: Manga, Role Play, Anime, Video Games, kingdom hearts

star_dust_dragon8910 Private 485 8
Cadit Deorum

War is about to break out. Who's Side are you One?

Tags: Roleplay, Superpowers, Action, Adventure, Powers

mynightmarestays Public 371 16
the pewdiepie fan club (for all the bros of pewdiepie)

this is a guild for all the fans or you could say bros of the legend himself PEWDIEPIE

Tags: pewdiepie, stephano, the bro, martin, piggeh

fracturedloyalty Public 7 16
The Birdcage of a Deadman

This guild is a Deadman Wonderland role play but the destiny is in your hands!!

Tags: Deadman, Wonderland, role play, undertaker, branch of sin

Roka Azuya Junsui Private 101 8
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