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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Magical World of Equestria

An RP Guild for Pony lovers

Tags: My Little Pony, MLP FiM RP, Friendship is Magic, RolePlay

JBCBlank Public 3,562 108
The Seventh Star

The Seventh Star: It's like the top 5...+2!

Tags: Friends, Casual, My Little Pony, Games, Role Playing

Tomha_Domizoko Private 511 13
The Stories We Tell

A roleplay guild based around the Sonic the Hedgehog universe and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Tags: Original, Pony, MLP: FiM, Pokemon

Draiden Kaid Private 9,659 18
My Little Pony: Just Another Guild

Role play guild

Tags: My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle, Ponies, Friendship is Magic, Rainbow Dash

My Critical Acclaim Private 1,135 11
The official tulpa guild

A guild dedicated to tulpas. About them, what they are, and friendly talk overall

Tags: Tulpa, Imaginary, Imaginary friend, Friend, Physiological

FUS RO DAH-ED Public 25 38
My Little Dinos: Friendship is Jurassic

Prehistoric B/C Pets for All!

Tags: dinos, breedables, ponies

My Little Dino Guardian Private 70 16
My Little Pony: Gaia is Devious

For Art and Literature of MLP: FiM

Tags: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic

Cosmic Moon Knight Public 11 3
Equestria: Friendship is Magic

Welcome to Equestria: a MLP guild with fun contests and events

Tags: Role play, My Little Pony, Contests

Equestrias Moon Princess Private 12 4

A place where ponies and weird things happen.

Tags: Ponies

Kamileunaire Private 3 1
Wonderful World Of Equestira

Tags: Adventure, Elements of Harmony, Princesses, Princes, Romance

STR4WB3RRYP0CKY Public 6 4
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