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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
FFW Alumni Chikadori Private 7,743 75
Gaian Bull S!#@$ Association Entow Private 198 21
Zelda Dungeon: A Zelda Guild

Chat about difficult dungeons, new game releases, Zelda cheat codes, characters, role-play and more!

Tags: Zelda, Game, Dungeon, Hyrule, Triforce

Pirate Tetra Zelda Public 2,204 230
*~The Doors Fans~*

A Guild Dedicated to The Doors and Their Fans!

Tags: Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, The Doors

cynicalspiritvalea Private 1,258 106
WDSG-Wrestling Dream Storyline Guild

This is where that one thing you've always wanted to do happens.

Tags: WDSG, Efed, Wrestling, RP Guild

Neo_Hurricane Public 625 23
The Coven of the Gilded Quill

A guild for literate, original, and creative role play.

Tags: Fantasy, Training, Roleplay, Original characters, Sci fi

Tebaun Valdruk Public 415 11
Hermes moon (Mochi) Cult

For hermes moon people!

Tags: Events, Chatting, zOMG, Having fun, Questions?

ADragonsVoice Public 1,260 21

Battle between insanity and reality as you try to redefine the world around you before turning into an abomination.

Mister Mortem Private 15 1
Five Rings U//C

A serious Roleplay Guild for a Faction-Oriented Science Fiction Setting, PFull of SPace combat, politics, espionage, romance, and more.

Tags: Combat and Politics, Science Fiction, Factions, Detailed, Space Travel

Slarty Kovahl Norzaar Private 14 9
New Founders Of America

Blessed be the New Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls.!

Tags: New Found Fathers, The Purge, 28th Amendment, Survive the Night, America

T Y L E I2 D U I2 D E I7 Public 2 10
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