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The Silver Moon of Spring Valley

A Roleplay guild in a small american town with a big secret...

Tags: Werewolves, Horror, Academy, Town, Romance

Debbie Pelt Public 1,991 27
~Run with the Pack~ Multi RP Guild (Closed)

This is an Multi role playing guild that offers lion, wolf, Warriors, Horses, Human, ShapeShifter and Vampire/Lycan Role Plays and more!

Tags: Lions, Wolf, Warriors, Lycans, Dragon

Tavril Private 28,148 22
Gaia Online Authority

Protect Gaia along with the Authority

Tags: Police, Fire, Department, RolePlay, Force

LiveSystem Public 17 4
Random Reality Shift

Dimensional tears are opening up around the world, what will you discover?

Tags: fantasy, semi-lit, roleplay, sci-fi, active

Kitsune no Gatsu Mei Private 328 17
Red Rose Asylum

This gothic looking asylum called, Red Rose, where many people have mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Tags: Horror, Mystery, Pyschotic, Mental, Asylum

xXDiedaraXx Public 749 39
First World Inc.™

Elite company of innovators, who's sole purpose is to better technology for the future.

Tags: Futuristic, Company, Technology, Role Playing

IC - Spark Private 61 7
Yakuza Rules Da WoRlD!

Join the madness of Yakuzas, will you die or be murdered?Teehee, Run away...Coward.

Tags: Yakuza, Comedy, Romance, Violence, Adventure

Valkyira Public 75 6
Bloody Shadows, Act I (An Azura SH. RP guild)

In a peaceful city, two powerful factions go head to head in a battle for supremacy.

Tags: combat, powers, adventure, future, survival

Kura_no_okami Private 10 7
World of Temptation

Here hides a world much different then the one we've become accustomed to. A darker and more sinister one at that. Enter at your own risk.

Tags: Master/slave, BDSM, Horror, Literate, Corruption

Yuuna Hayashi Private 28 1
| First World Inc.™ |

| Elite company of innovators, who's sole purpose is to better technology for the future. | If you weren't invited, don't request. |

Jordan Avila Private 6 2
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