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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaia's United League of Anarchists Guild AnarchoAdmin Private 9,179 344
Point Blank (Rp) ((Needs members))

Do you think you have what it takes to make your gang the most feard?Or will your dreams die at Point Blank Range?

Tags: Gang, Point Blank, Guns, Knifes, Role Playing

SychoAnime_Chika Public 1,406 2
Bounty in Blood (Closed For Renovations)

Take to the stars and venture forth for fame, fortune and glory

Tags: Cowboy Bebop, cowboy, fantasy, bounty hunter, anime

xTSANx Public 1,894 20
Pokemon Gijinka Academy U/C

A RP Guild were you are a new agent of a Ghost Guild to rescued people from spirits

Tags: Ayakashi, Pokemon, Dangan Ronpa, Gijinka, Lost Saga

Psychic-Academy213 Private 1,794 12
☠ Violence And Peace Dont Mix ☮

When gangs and poilce clash who will come out on the top?

Tags: powers, fighting, good/bad, police, gangs

Alliecat298 Public 425 19

We are everything in this guild

Tags: Swat, FireFighters, Spies, Marines, Navy seals

BloodySayain Public 100 15
The Vena Sera Chronicles

Multiple RPs in an original steampunk-like world!

Tags: Roleplaying, Steampunk, romance, philosophy, adventure

TheSilentAntagonist Public 70 2
The Curse of Lugaru

A clan of Cursed Beings bound by codes of their inner wolf

Tags: Wolf, curse, Pack, Clan, Family

Rane Barrow Public 7 0
Fallier: Revolution

Join the steampunk war of the faction war of the Government, Secret Police and Rebels

Tags: Steampunk, Roleplay, Action

Princess Tsunneko Public 21 2
♡ Whackapalooza ♡ (U/C)

A group of ordinary people investigate a progam consisting of a medley of cartoons that premiere at midnight.

Tags: action, romance, cartoon, comedy, mystery

Skully Pettibone Private 2 4
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