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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Gothic Angels Guild

Tags: goth, music, dark, rock, gothic

CryztalizedTearz Private 71,010 69
All Writers United

A place for any and all writers to share their brilliance.

Tags: writing, literature, fantasy, horror, roleplay

His Majesty Satan Private 2,670 290
The Art of Insanity

An Art guild for all types of artists.

Tags: Artist, Photography, Literature, Poetry, Music

I TimeKiller I Public 557 264

An RP Guild for experienced players and creative writing fans.

Tags: powerplay, community, role, play, literate

Vanguard Soren Private 8,610 36
Xenos - The Strangers

We are the strangers of the void.

Tags: Stranger, Void, Xenos, Lost, No One

Vince Xenos Public 6 5
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Discuss books, poetry and the craft of writing

Tags: reading, writing, writers, poetry, books

Thorns and Spices Public 1,178 43
Art Corner for the Lovers of Art

This Guild is about Art, any kind whatever it is you like we'll accept it here ,we give critisism when asked and ask for the same.

Tags: arts, poetry, music, Tattooing

Scarred Dengel Public 436 31
Artistic Freedom

Express yourself, talk about everything.

Tags: discuss art, poetry, dreams, songs, music

Kawaii Tears Private 4,004 39
Prussian Schutz

As a loyal member of the revived Old-World Prussian Schutz, stand with us and converse with your natural abilities.

Tags: World, Writing, History, Artistic, Poetry

Richter Agilo Public 13 6
Free Your Heart

A place to write poems, talk to people and release the burdens put on you by life.

Tags: help, poetry, story, saftey, friends

jadeluvspickles Public 3 8
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