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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
All Writers United

A place for any and all writers to share their brilliance.

Tags: writing, literature, fantasy, horror, roleplay

His Majesty Satan Private 2,670 290

An RP Guild for experienced players and creative writing fans.

Tags: powerplay, community, role, play, literate

Vanguard Soren Private 8,610 36
Infinite possibilities-A writer's guild

This is a writer's guild where all can gather for feedback and advice on all mediums of writing. Plus it's a great place for conversation.

Tags: Writing, Writer, Writer's Block, Critiques, Friends

Spastic waffles Private 43,822 228
Imaginative Obsessions: A Writer's Guild

Tags: writing, critique, fiction, feedback

SereneSubforRose Private 1,898 18
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Discuss books, poetry and the craft of writing

Tags: reading, writing, writers, poetry, books

Thorns and Spices Public 1,178 43
Artistic Freedom

Express yourself, talk about everything.

Tags: discuss art, poetry, dreams, songs, music

Kawaii Tears Private 4,004 39
Writing? Roleplay? Random?

Poets, Roleplayers, Random People on the Street, Unite!

Tags: Roleplay, Bleach, Naruto, Poetry, Random

Muse_of_the_Soul Public 166 16
The Art of Insanity

An Art guild for all types of artists.

Tags: Artist, Photography, Literature, Poetry, Music

I TimeKiller I Public 557 264
Prussian Schutz

As a loyal member of the revived Old-World Prussian Schutz, stand with us and converse with your natural abilities.

Tags: World, Writing, History, Artistic, Poetry

Richter Agilo Public 13 6
Free Your Heart

A place to write poems, talk to people and release the burdens put on you by life.

Tags: help, poetry, story, saftey, friends

jadeluvspickles Public 3 8
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