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Ouran High School Host Club - OHSHC

A RP/Discussion on Ouran High School Host Club

Tags: Ouran, High, School, Host, Club

IXI Tama IXI Public 9,889 120
The Celestial

An rp guild that follows the daily lives of Gaians throughout their many marvelous adventures.

Tags: Roleplay, Gaia, Gaia persona, Avi based roleplaying, Avatar

Lunarshinobi Public 5,243 8
Ouran High School Host Club

A place where you can meet the Ouran high host club and chat~

Tags: Ouran high host club, Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori, Tamaki

ShiroKuro_Enjeru Public 8,635 302
Dragon's Playground 2...

A place for dragonrebelfire and her friends to have a place to rp as they please.

dragonrebelfire Public 108 3
Resident Evil Roleplayers United (R.E.R.U.)

It doesn't matter if you call it Biohazard or Resident Evil your welcome here so long as you roleplay a bit.

Tags: Resident Evil, Biohazard, Roleplay, United, Zombie

HeadHunterXZI Public 3,362 47
The Underworld's Playground

This is a guild built around the concept of Free-Running/Parkour. It focuses upon the use of fighting and Parkour.

Tags: Parkour, Free Running, Fighting, Roleplay, Martial Arts

XxBlack_FlashxX Public 1,141 34
.:: Ouran Host Club ::.

❀ Welcome to our host club ❀

Tags: Ouran highscholl host club, Roleplay, ouran, School life, shojo

ll_King Tamaki_ll Public 59 6
⊰Private Ouran Academy ⊱

⊰An Ouran High School Host Club RP Guild ⊱

Tags: ⊰School-Based ⊱, ⊰Yaoi- Hints ⊱, ⊰Crossdressing ⊱, ⊰Host Club ⊱, ⊰Wealty ⊱

Vintag3z Public 647 41

-The Universe is Our Playground-

IC - Ishmael Ark Private 7 5
Hunny Bunny's Playground

A place for my friends and I to RP in peace.

Tags: role playing, fantasy, high school/college, medieval

Hunny Bunny Kagome Private 56 6
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