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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Barely-Knowns

A guild for all who are just faces in the Gaia crowd.

Tags: barely, known, unknown, chill, ninja

Reeves Private 93,383 481

Tags: Roleplay, Neo-Tokyo, Freedom, Gangs, Combat

Phos Lux Private 1,952 5
The Air Pirate's Guild Over-Exaggerated Private 610 7
Nightmares Never Sleep

A Fun Roleplaying Guild Open to Almost Everything

Tags: Nightmares, private, accepting, Sleep, Never

Prinny Overlord Ally Private 315 7
Bond of the Skies

The home of Bond of the Skies, an original fantasy RP about a sky pirate crew.

Tags: sky pirate, airship, fantasy, original

Grim Skies Public 8 2
Pirates Dream

Will you go out and become a great pirate or are you going to destroy those who are great..

Tags: Pirate, Adventure, Social, Romance, Fighting

Devils-Mistress10 Private 62 7
Pirates Cove ~ FNAF FaN cLuB

Five Nights At Freddys

Tags: game, Indie horror, roleplay, cosplay

IIx_FNAF_Chica_xII Public 26 16
Fazbear workers

Come work here at Freddy's and enjoy the ride!

Tags: SpringtrapisVincent, oopsspoilersXD, Freddy's, rpisquestionable, Imtoybonnienomatterwhat.

Hidebehind Public 5 3
One Piece: Waves of Change

an AU One Piece RP Guild

Tags: One Piece, Roleplay, Luffy, Pirates, Treasure

No One Hollars Aaron Private 21 1

Murder/Mystery Role Play guild

Tags: Mystery, Murders, PG-13, School, Town

Unimaginable Cruelty Private 105 6
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