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Pirates, Witches, and Gods, Oh My

A place for role-playing and plotting

Tags: Role Play

cayxia Private 20 3
Tortuga Bay, Pirate Haven

Every pirate knows of the infamous Tortuga Bay -- a haven for each and every treasure-snatching dog of the sea.

Tags: Pirate, Tortuga, fantasy, treasure, roleplay

Sly Savarin Private 379 38
Unum: One World.

A fantasy world filled with near-limitless possibilities. What is it you'll do and why haven't you joined yet? Join the One World now.

Tags: Magic, fantasy, romance, monsters, adventure

Written Oni Public 140 12
Pirates RP Guild

Now Open

Tags: Pirates, Pirate RP, Avast, Sail, Seas

Newsies Boy Private 357 7

A Pirate RP

Tags: Pirates, Love, Fighting, Adventre, Role Play

Acidic Corpse Public 1,254 12
Pirates Of The Seas And Skies

A pirate Roleplay Guild

Tags: Pirate, Roleplay, Future, Present, past

Missy Nagaran Karanight Public 149 21
Age of Sail

An RP guild for Pirates and the Navies

Tags: Roleplaying, pirates

You Have Mayo Public 3 1
Era Of A New Dawn

Write your ish, make it cool, blah.

Tags: Pirate, Victorian, Roleplaying, Fighting, Guns

Skye Azumi Public 10 7
One Piece: Golden Dawn

A new dawn has arisen after twenty years! Set sail and make your legend "Straw Hat" Big!

Tags: Anime, Pirates, Drama, Adventure, Comedy

Holy Hakaishin Hiroto Private 41 3
Sword and Shield (Under Construction but Accepting)

An open galaxy, filled with adventure and danger

Tags: sci-fi, sandbox, military

Lord Redtail Rathan Private 17 5
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