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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Loot [ A Pirate Role Play ] Kenji Wolf Private 436 11
The Great Pirate Guild

The Greatest Pirate Guild in the world. It's waiting for you. Join us. And become part of the adventure.

Tags: pirate, roleplay, disscussion, ocean, art stuff

BarnOwl6-5 Private 2,444 19
War Of The Celestials

A Mecha Revolution

Tags: Mecha, Pirate, Role play, Anime, Fantasy

xXxRaijinxXx Private 17,408 6
Proxima Aurum: Future-Tech Galaxy Roleplay

First of its kind! Roleplay as a rising-/star/ civilization!

Tags: Future-Tech, Nation Roleplaying, Nationstates, Friendly Community, Rising Star

A-T Private 22 5
Lords & Legions

Enter a world of epic battles, heroes, and stories that will be told for generations to come

Tags: wars, lords, mature, literate, legions

iMistah-kun Private 6,028 101
Rememberance of Animania

Fan of any popular animes? Wonder what it would be like to RP them all together? Here is where you can do so! Enjoy! (/^_^)/

Tags: Dynasty, Warriors, Koei, Strategy, Epic

da_final_ninja Public 21 1
Ninjas of the Zen Gardens

To suppress the evil Kokeshi Doll's powers for all eternity!

Tags: Zen Gardens, knights, ninjas

m1dn1ght_ch1me Public 73 75
One Piece: The Sea of Dreams (Renewed and Accepting)

An awesome One Piece guild were everyone can join and have fun RP'ing

Tags: One Piece, Luffy, Fire, Water, Role Play, Ice, Earth, King, Straw Hat, Navy, Marine, Pirates, Bounty, Hunter, Manga, Anime, Powers, Fruit, Prison, Crew

Kasai_Haigara Private 2,791 43
Air and Sky

A Role Play about sky pirates and military

Tags: action, role play, plane, sky pirate, pirate

The D O G G2 Public 77 9
The High Skies

An air pirate adventure! Join the Captain on epic and ladyfilled adventures!

Tags: Pirates, skies, role play, fiction, ships

N0b136 Public 76 10
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