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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The History Guild - Literature, Fashion, Music and Culture..

...Steampunk and lifestyles too!

Tags: history, steampunk, victorian, fashion, renaissance

Antlers Public 2,285 454
Cow-a-Saurus Land :3

Random guild for A Phenominal Cow-a-saurus get together!!

Tags: Random, cow-a-saurus

Captain Zhao Public 40 21
___Cupcake Cult!

for all those cool cats out there.

Tags: pirates, the 90s, hugging hobos, awesome

Captain Damnit Private 104 20

A Pirate RP

Tags: Pirates, Love, Fighting, Adventre, Role Play

Dax in Acid Public 1,251 13
The Mass Effect Universe

The year is 2185, you are fighting for.. well thats up to you to decide...

Tags: space, alliance, mass, special, effect

Jhonathan King Private 565 4
pirates of freedom

sail the seven seas

Tags: pirates, gold, ships, freedom

draknic Public 175 6
Angels Heart Academy

The guild where everone is invited, find love, friendships, and maybe romance!

Tags: Romance, Angel, friendship, academy, love

Shadowfire Rynn Public 626 23
Skyship Pirates (underconstruction)

Announcements and parts of the ship

Tags: RolePlay, Space

Rikku DarkHeart KH Private 22 9
The Art Locker

Do you Like To Draw? Are You Artistic? Is Art Your Passion In life? Well, This Is The Place For You!

Tags: Free Art, Buy Art, Sell Art, Art Trades, Giveaways

The Furry Fuzzball Public 307 93
Tortuga Bay, Pirate Haven

Every pirate knows of the infamous Tortuga Bay -- a haven for each and every treasure-snatching dog of the sea.

Tags: Pirate, Tortuga, fantasy, treasure, roleplay

Puddings and Tea Private 377 40
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