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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
SKUtena Guild --- Black Rose Saga --- Characters available! Utena_Tenjou Private 5,091 52
Tears from the Sky

A guild created to house the RP Tears from the Sky. There are many RP's and other fun stuff to participate in.

Tags: Role, Playing, Element, Midieval, Magic

Aurelia Sabina Private 3,452 9
~The Pool of Lost Souls~

A place where RPers can RP and hang out! (The Ultimate RP Experience!)

Tags: Faries, role play, powers, fantasy, friends

Technicolor Crayon Public 8,737 37
The Phantom War

A war has broken out between the phantoms and the vampires, but which side will win?

Tags: Vampires, Phantoms, Role playing, Fantasy, Adventure

Dantes_river Public 1,531 14


Tags: Hangout, Funny, Post, Money, People

X-NerdPorn Public 45 26
Gurren Lagann: New Spirals

Take on the of the revolutionist and let your drill pierce the heavens!!

Tags: Gurren Lagann, Mechas, Tenga toppa Gurren Lagann, TTGL, anime rp

Phantom Guardna Public 511 24
Pokemon: Guardian Signs

A Pokemon Roleplay

Tags: Pokemon, Legendary, Roleplay, Guardians, Power

AJW555 Public 729 9
The Raider's Palace

A place to feel free to role play, make friends, and have fun.

Tags: role play, story, fan fiction, storyies, fun stuff

Great_Phantom Public 907 30
welcome to phantom hive manor

A roleplaying guild

Tags: role play, anime, phantomhive

Tsubaki Phantomhive Public 11 3
The Unbreakables

family ,of four

Nixa_TheBlue Private 3 4
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