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The Risembool Rangers

Rangers strive for VICtory! The Skirts are just a TRAVISty!

Tags: Vic Mignogna, Voice Actor, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fan Club, Red Dawn

MiaIkumis#1Fan Private 6,010 1,190
the phantom of the opera (returns)

the same as the movie but better.

Demon_slayerdante2028 Public 43 11
The Official Danny Phantom Guild Asteren Private 13,528 313
True Snow: An Anime Couples (Non Yaoi and Non Yuri!) neji_girl Private 5,090 126
The Palace of Legends

The Palace of Legends is a guild dedicated to roleplaying in general, so if you like roleplaying then join this guild!

Tags: Videogames, Anime, Comic books, action, humour

Dark-Phantom-King-Zero Public 8,903 27
The Animator's Anime And Common Interest Guild

Animes such as Naruto, and Fruit and Baskets

Tags: Anime, Fruits and Baskets, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts

yugi9653 Public 98 26
The Regretful memories

remember your past and venture for your purpose...

Tags: Darkness, Heroes, regret, family, secrets

Kei Nozuka Public 6,926 79
۞Raven Tail۞

Hardcore RavenTail Battles and Role Play

Tags: RavenTail, Manga and Anime, Roleplaying, Friends, Excitement

Kazuki Senkai Tahigato Public 16 25
War of the Three Kingdoms

China's three kingdoms at war.

red 14 the sniper Public 39 9
Phantom Lord Guildhall

Where Phantom Lord mages come to plot the downfall of the goody twoshoe mages.

Tags: fairy tail, phantom, lord, magic, role playing

Laram Myusai Private 3 1
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