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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Feari Teiru

"Do whatever you think is right!!! That's the way of the Fairy Tail Mages!!!!"

Tags: Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy, Fairy Tail, Feari Teiru

Makarov Dorea Private 12 15
The Phantom Laundromat The Eternal Miyuki Private 19,184 43
True Snow: An Anime Couples (Non Yaoi and Non Yuri!) neji_girl Private 5,090 126
"Surindort: Kingdom of Pixel Pals!"

Guild for the shop "Surindort Pixel Pals B/C Shop"

Tags: pixel, pets, breedable, changing, customs

Ribi Muramoto Public 666 32
The City of Thy Fallen Angel(Now Accepting)


Tags: anime, epic, angels, wolves, battle

Kunimitsu O-o Public 1,714 2
The Regretful memories

remember your past and venture for your purpose...

Tags: Darkness, Heroes, regret, family, secrets

Kei Nozuka Public 6,926 81
we are FAIRY TAIL!!!!

ist baced on the anime fairy tail ist soo fun heres what you can be ice maker, dragon slayer, knight,key holder its soo fun just look at it

Tags: anime roleplay, fairy tail, magic, cool guilds, manga roleplay

Reporter Rachael Public 12 11
Digimon, Wrath of the AOA

Tags: Digimon, Subarumon, Phantom Dharakmon, Anime, Roleplay

Grima4111 Public 29 8
The Blacklake District (slave/master rp)

Are you one of Blacklake's masters? Or a humble slave forced to serve?

Tags: Slave, Master, Roleplay

xXLeekosGurlXx Private 8 1
The Werewolf Game

A game of lies and slander to slaughter your way to the top! Whether you're a human or wolf, your goal is to win the PRIZE in the end!

Tags: The Werewolf Game, Mafia, Assassin, Witch Hunt, Party Games

iD O W N Public 5 3
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