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9 Divisions

This is a RP guild.

Yuri Manori Public 15 8
Heroic Era: Phantom Interval (Open/Accepting)

Aetes has been peaceful for decades, but now the planet itself needs Heroes to defeat a new enemy: time itself.

Tags: fantasy, scifi, romance, action, hero

The American Dr Pan Private 1,554 21
Soul Eater: Entangled Souls

An active, semi-lit Soul Eater roleplay. We`ll keep you more than entertained, day and night.

Tags: soul eater, role play, hang out, random fun, missions

Angel Crim Private 51,735 21
The Haunted Opera: An RP Guild

An alternate universe Roleplay guild for fans of The Phantom of the Opera.

Tags: phantom, opera, roleplay, romance, france

chesiregirl Public 449 8
The Legend of Zelda: Time's Rewind

This role-play takes place in the Chronological Order belived to be in.

Tags: zelda fans needed, Legend of Zelda, 25th Anniversary

wonders of flight Public 200 3
Dangan Ronpa U/C

A RP Guild were you are a new agent of a Ghost Guild to rescued people from spirits

Tags: Ayakashi, Ghost Agent, Dangan Ronpa, Spirit, Lost Saga

Psychic-Academy213 Private 1,794 12
FairyTail Guild for Everyone.......

Ready For Some Action, Fun And Magic And Jobs For Gold

Syphea Public 13 28
Masque Mystique - Masquerade Clan

Masquerade, Classy, Monochrome, Oprah

Tags: Monochrome, Masquerade, Phantom, Mask

Dr_Oreos Public 123 10
Phantom Academy ~ School for Misfits ((O//A))

Phantom Academy is a place where people of all species can come together. But, watch out for the darkness that lurks in the building.

Tags: Phantom, Misfits, Academy, Magic, Creatures

My-Demonic-Daydreams Public 1,113 22
Bleach Chronicles: Phantom Days

A different kind of bleach role play. Semi-lit to Literate, set 300 years after the end of the Thousand-Year Blood War with the Vandenraihi.

Tags: Bleach, Shingami, Phantom, Apocalyptic, Adventure

scott the true ice prince Private 1,241 15
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