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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Weiss Schwarz guild

Anime trading card game

Tags: card game, bushiroad, anime, weiss schwarz, white black

Lee Brent Public 311 27
Star Wars A New Legacy (Under Construction)

A guild for those who love star wars and want a taste of something new.

Tags: Star wars, Sith, Fighting, Roleplay, Awesome

Kane Solomon Private 92 6
Casual Role Play Realm (and hangout)

place to role play or just goof around

Tags: Casual, Semi Literal, Literate, Role Play

smgirl825 Public 216 16
♔ Kingdom Hearts: The Rejected Souls

We're all mad here. (And rejected.)

Tags: kingdom hearts, kingdom, hearts, sora

Harleen Quinnzell Private 17,085 16
Sanctuary Academy

A guild were different creatures come and live in peace. It's an academy where you can learn to fight and heal... And fall in love!!

Tags: Acedemy, Neko, Vampires, Fallen angels, Role-playing

mixedprincess561 Public 1,960 27
Phantom Academy ~ School for Misfits ((O//A))

Phantom Academy is a place where people of all species can come together. But, watch out for the darkness that lurks in the building.

Tags: Phantom, Misfits, Academy, Magic, Creatures

My-Demonic-Daydreams Public 1,113 22
9 Divisions

This is a RP guild.

Yuri Manori Public 15 8
Bleach Chronicles: Phantom Days

A different kind of bleach role play. Semi-lit to Literate, set 300 years after the end of the Thousand-Year Blood War with the Vandenraihi.

Tags: Bleach, Shingami, Phantom, Apocalyptic, Adventure

scott the true ice prince Private 1,241 14
Atlantis Academy

An underwater academy for all creatures strange and mystical

Tags: roleplay, school, academy, semi-literate, atlantis

ISkarletI Private 601 16
Bloody Shadows, Act I (An Azura SH. RP guild)

In a peaceful city, two powerful factions go head to head in a battle for supremacy.

Tags: combat, powers, adventure, future, survival

Kura_no_okami Private 10 7
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