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Welcome to the Black Parade

if you like MCR you like this guild :) MAYBE...

Tags: welcome, black, parade, romance, chemical

RafeRavel Public 643 187
The Phantom Phan Guild Phantom of the Shrub Private 44,788 986
ECC - The Evil Cookies Club dannehsdestiny Public 2,335 16
OrganizationXIII the phantom order

An RPG guild with an OrganizationXIII theme.

RyotaIchido Public 225 32
The Mythical War: A Mythical Creatures Roleplay Guild

Mythical Creatures gather,because the war for power will now begin!

Tags: roleplaying, mythical, creatures, wars, mythology

Rockin Beans Private 917 11
ℒegend ʘf ℤelda ☼ Ϯhe ɖarkness ℂontinues ☼

based slightly on my rps

Tags: zelda, darkness, legend, roleplay, contniues

Iheart4dfish Public 7 8
.:Second Life:.

What happens when the game becomes your reality.

Tags: fantasy, literate, roleplay, second, life

Lady Tomato Public 10 1
Fiore's Mage Guilds: The Winds of Change (Fairy Tail RP)

Tags: Fairy Tail, Magic, Mage, Anime, Manga

XX01 Private 99 2
Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo in the 31st Century (Lit-Semi Lit)

Will the 31st Century Crystal Tokyo fall? Only you can decide.

Tags: Roleplay, Sailor Moon, Scouts, Literate, Anime, Manga

Axitk Public 70 5
Phantom Hive Guild

If u love anime u should definitely join my guild!

Tags: Anime, Black Butler, Naruto, Negima, Bleach

Roxas Tamakachi Public 2 4
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