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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Phantom Phan Guild Phantom of the Shrub Private 44,788 986
OrganizationXIII the phantom order

An RPG guild with an OrganizationXIII theme.

RyotaIchido Public 225 32
~The Pool of Lost Souls~

A place where RPers can RP and hang out! (The Ultimate RP Experience!)

Tags: Faries, role play, powers, fantasy, friends

Technicolor Crayon Public 8,737 37
The Mythical War: A Mythical Creatures Roleplay Guild

Mythical Creatures gather,because the war for power will now begin!

Tags: roleplaying, mythical, creatures, wars, mythology

Rockin Beans Private 917 11
ℒegend ʘf ℤelda ☼ Ϯhe ɖarkness ℂontinues ☼

based slightly on my rps

Tags: zelda, darkness, legend, roleplay, contniues

Iheart4dfish Public 7 8
Pokemon: Guardian Signs

A Pokemon Roleplay

Tags: Pokemon, Legendary, Roleplay, Guardians, Power

AJW555 Public 729 9
.:Second Life:.

What happens when the game becomes your reality.

Tags: fantasy, literate, roleplay, second, life

Lady Tomato Public 10 1
Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo in the 31st Century (Lit-Semi Lit)

Will the 31st Century Crystal Tokyo fall? Only you can decide.

Tags: Roleplay, Sailor Moon, Scouts, Literate, Anime, Manga

Axitk Public 70 5
Phantom Hive Guild

If u love anime u should definitely join my guild!

Tags: Anime, Black Butler, Naruto, Negima, Bleach

Roxas Tamakachi Public 2 4
welcome to phantom hive manor

A roleplaying guild

Tags: role play, anime, phantomhive

Tsubaki Phantomhive Public 11 3
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