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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Watching paint dry

it's interesting to watch paint dry, don't cha agree?

Tags: paint drying

mew-neko Public 4,140 60
Assassins Guilds of Tamar

Roleplay guild for those who like assassins guilds and wish to join them

Tags: Assassins, Guild, Roleplay, Rivalry, Adventure

Soriku the Ookami Public 370 11
Pandora's Locket

A Brand-New Silent Hill Roleplay Guild

Tags: roleplay, silent hill, literate

Yandere-San Public 202 10
Nail Polish Obsession

A place for the ideas and collaborations of nail art.

Tags: Nail Polish, Nails, Nail Art, Painting, Nail Paint

Acoustic_Romance Public 172 48
TF Battlements

Team Fortress 2 guild - Roleplay, Game Discussion, Mingling

Tags: Team Fortress 2, Roleplay, Reliable Excavation Demolition, Builder's League United, Meet the Team

CrocodilePiss Public 506 25
Heroes: The World of Evolved Humans

Who's side will you join when the world starts to change?

Tags: Abilties, The Company, Evolved Humans, Heroes

PosiedonRulez Public 255 11
Creative Café

A place where creative people can get together and get critiques, ideas, or just hang out. After all, creativity feeds creativity!

Tags: Creative Cafe, Coding, Drawing, Music, Writing

Mimi-min the Artist Public 231 40
Anime & Art`

This guild is for anyone who watches anime or draws, paints or chalks anime or something close to it!

Tags: anime, pictures, awesomely fun, small, epic

kehari_ginko Public 1 1
Pink's The Word!


Tags: Pink's The Word

kvw Public 6 12
~ The Nebula Family ~

No matter evil or good, still there I stood.

Tags: Action, Anime, Drama, Fantasy

Samael Nebula Public 2 1
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