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The Glass Rose

A home for the artist, writer, musician, and intellectual.

Tags: writing, drawing, music, artist, poetry

120S3 Private 1,083 33
Keroro's Secret Military Base...ment...

A Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso(u) fan guild.

Tags: Frog, Keroro, Sgt. Frog, Gunso, Gunsou

Shiro Mezidoria Private 8,238 14
◊Behind the Paint◊

◊A place for Juggalo's and Juggalette's◊

Tags: Insane clown posse, Psychopatic Records, ICP band, Juggalo, Juggalette

Lick Mai Rainbow Public 285 32
Left vs Right

Fictional roleplay based on Judeo-Christian religion. Come, join the fight.

Tags: Fighting, Religion, Roleplay, Fiction, Apocolypse

Soulless DCLXVI Public 294 3
Sburb - Homestuck RP

Dive into the game Sburb and play along with us!

Tags: homestuck, mspa, paint, adventures

mikan tsumiki Public 122 9
Writers for Christ

A loving, Christain community filled with young adult writers for God.

Tags: Christ, write, artwork, love, critique

Sapphirianna Private 527 46
[Black on White]

[We are a friendly bunch that loves discussions]

Tags: Entertainment, Discussion, Friends, Openness

Mysterioux-Jade Private 440 14
For the artists

Friendly arts and stuff o w o

Tags: anime, artists, paint, draw

Minoru has moved Private 68 6
The MS Paint Adventures [U/C]

What will you do?

Tags: mspaint, adventures, troll, human, egbert

EngIish Tea Public 5 7
All Killer, No Filler

General Roleplay Guild and storage for roleplays through other mediums.

Tags: Painted Moose, Apathetic_Rukia, Maximum the Zinc, Roleplay, Storage

Apathetic_Rukia Private 33 3
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