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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Hearts of Wolfaria

Found and led by Guild Captain Playbones

Tags: Wolf, Wolfaria, Roleplay, Hearts, Pack

PlayBones Private 16,852 267
This Means War! Maxilla Tepes Public 240 5
Nyx's Wolf Pack

A Pack of Wolves

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Siku, Lobo, Nochi

Forever XXII Private 148 11
Petronius Town

A werewolf/ werefox role play...

Erikiteru Public 2,170 11
Crescent Moon's Curse

Join A Side... Unforgiven Hunters or Relentless Hunted..

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf/Lycan, School, Romance, Combat

A Demon To Summon Public 283 6
~Club Howl~

*Members needed*

Tags: Werewolf, Furry, Role play, Pack, ~Club Howl~

Snow-x-Tenshi Public 6 4
The Wolves of War

All Wolves, Battle Wolves, We all fight all for one and one for all. We are the Guardians of the Realms. Elite Soldier Wolves.

Tags: Wolf, Roleplay, Elite, Guardian, Animated

Slavin Novaken Public 6 7
Second to None

Seen with Pride, Surrounded by Family, and Bound by Honor

Tags: Second, None, Pride, Family, Honor

Mr Beyond Private 34 13
Lunester Pack

A Wolf pack that has survived in the forest for generations

Tags: Wolves, Family

Karma200 Private 27 3
The Wolf Pack Of Towns 2

wolfs join togather to make a pack of sisterhood and brotherhood

Tags: captin bunny trancy-phanotmhive1, vice captin fan gha, Lance58, Mixi Kixi, dissipato

bunny-trancy-phantomhive1 Public 5 9
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