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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
☾ The Sanctum ☽

A Fantasy Roleplaying guild

Tags: Wolves, the sanctum, fantasy, roleplay, Wolf Pack

Faerel Public 110 16
The XFD Xoisure Public 114,436 49
Weiss Schwarz guild

Anime trading card game

Tags: card game, bushiroad, anime, weiss schwarz, white black

Lee Brent Public 310 23
Summer Stories: A Fantasy Guild

Rp for animals and fantasy creatures, including elves, vampires and werewolves.

Tags: animals, wolves, vampires, foxes, lycans / werewolves

sad Smartcat Private 8,925 19
The National Wolf Society (NWS)

This is a group made for all wolves/werewolves/foxes to come together in peace.

Tags: Society, Epicness, Cookies, FullMoon, Wolf

King William de Frost Public 256 211
Warrior: Beginning of the New

This is a warrior cats guild, where, of course, anyone that like the warriors cats serries can roleplay and continu on the profecy.

Tags: Warriors Cats, Wolves, Erin Hunter, Role Play, Clan

Lil_Angel_D Public 1,075 42
◥ ₳rcane €quinox ◤

When the snow falls and the white wind blows, a lone wolf dies, but a pack survives. Which path will you take?

Tags: Role Playing, Wolf, Pack, Lycan, Werewolf

-LygophilicProtephialtic- Public 144 7
Legends of packs

packs wolfs and thats all

Tags: wolf, packs, terriotorys, rivley, romace

The Silent Surpent Public 129 3
Heart Of The Wolves

A guild for those who love the wolves and wish to form a pack.

Tags: wolves, Role play, friends, hangout

Mintaholic_Traps Public 2 4
The Moon's Shadow: Shinobi Clan

A Clan In Search Of The Fables And Tales, Once Told By By The Moon.

Tags: Shinobi, Shadow, Moon, Ninja, Night

PineappleBumbleBee Public 4 5
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