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1x1 H E A V E N

A meetup guild for 1x1 roleplayers.

Tags: 1x1 rp, partner, search, roleplaying, roleplays

puella in somnio Private 9,043 267
Pokémon: In With The Old [All Regions]

A Guild centered around all the Pokemon Nintendo can offer. Mainly an RP Guild, but there are OOC threads if that tickles your fancy.

Tags: Nintendo, Pokemon, Pikachu, Charizard, Kanto/Johto

Dr Henry McCoy Public 16,853 20
Domina's 1 x 1 Roleplays

A place to lurk.

Domina Incognita Private 109 4
Darkness in the shadow

Role Playing guild.

Tags: Role play, anime, one on one, action, romance

Kudasai_Ai_Watashi mo Public 3,827 9
Westice's Giant Role Playing Castle

A place for friends to role play to their heart's contents!

Tags: giant, random, castle, friends, role playing

Westice Public 742 25
Under All Skies

An Active Role Player's Haven

Ouroboros Maxim Private 137 8

A place for anyone

Tags: master, slave, relax, yuri, yoai

Fluttershy_Lover1019 Public 3,810 1
RP and Dice Battle

Role play game

Tags: Roleplay, Game, Anime

Crossfire Lf Public 56 5
Literate RP Adventures

Introduces a new/more interesting way of Literate RP. For all writers that need a fantastic RP with no stress.

Tags: Literate, Role Play, Advanced, Fun Rp, Random

aislinn_shadow Private 2,435 49
~Carpe Terra et Gaia~

Seize the Earth and Gaia while roleplaying till your hearts content

Tags: Fantasy, Role Play, Different Genres

SapphireKiki Public 247 5
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