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The Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Roleplay Guild

This is a guild for all Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi fans! Come talk and roleplay with fellow shippers. And don't be afraid to post some fanart and fanfic!

Tags: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yaoi, Roleplay, Anime, Community

PuppyDogJou Public 4,530 58
The Gaian Coliseum Tacitus Public 3,262 99
~Tome of Universal Magicka~

Here you will learn the basics for Magick of all kinds. From learning how to see aura, to how to cast a magick circle.

Tags: Pagan, Wicca, Magick, Learn, School

LiluraIsis Public 2,007 89
Addie's One x Ones

A guild for private roleplays for myself and my partners

Tags: one on one, fantasy, romance, chat, alone

liath speir Private 734 3
Therapy And Self-Help Guild

Talk about your life to our people!

Tags: Help, Self Help

snow_sniper_100 Public 42 5
Magnet ~1x1~

A collection of ongoing and private 1x1 threads.

Tags: Crimson Camellias, Private, one on one, roleplaying, UndertakerXWrage

UndertakerXWrage Private 586 2
The Writers' Hub

Role plays with action, drama, romance, fantasy, and much much more.

Tags: Role Play, Action, Epic, Fantasy, One on Ones

Corvus Serpens Private 8,677 11
Guild for unlimited RP

We love to Role play, Keep it age apropriate for younger users

Tags: Role play, Love, one on one, Random, entertainment

Shiro Mikage Private 456 17
Nαʀυтo/Bʟeαcн: Στеʀηαʟ Rɪѵαʟs

The Naruto verse meets the Bleach verse, A war has broke out... Which side will you choose?

Tags: Roleplay, Love/Romance, Shinobi/Soulreaper, Battle/War

Ashen Nights Private 1,532 13
Blood Covered Roses

This is a yaoi guild, built for groups and one on ones.

Tags: Dark, One on One, Group, Yaoi, practice

Meokii Private 6 3
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