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{ Let }Yaoi{ Your }Roleplaying{ Fantasies }Guild.{ Unwind}

Yaoi Role play guild with some of the most amusing Role players around.

Tags: Yaoi, Roleplaying, One on One, Yoai

Yu_Yu_Hakusho_Freak Public 361 43
Japanese Academy

A virtual classroom where beginners can learn to read and write Japanese. New students welcome!

Tags: Japanese, Academy, Japan, Learn, School

Starry Starry Fright Public 2,023 418

Find other role players and write to your heart’s content.

Tags: Role play, Poems, Short Stories, One-on-One, Groups

Faryn Von Ovine Public 189 38
Official RP Guild Mistys Demise Public 421 2
the Roleplayers of Gaia

Like roleplaying? then please by all means join.

Tags: Roleplaying, one on one, vampires and the supernatual, OCC Permited

Alucard the dark one Public 3,499 51
rps for anyone ( please join)

this is a cool rp guild

Tags: cool place, supernatural, awsome, one on ones, crossovers!

sokkie1234 Public 5,198 54
Roleplay Addicts Escape

Roleplay addicts come here

Tags: One on One, Romance, Love, Fantasy

xXDiedaraXx Public 5,088 51
With Eyes I Can See...

oleplaying Guild Guild

Tags: Literate, One on One, Group, Roleplay, Romance

TasteZuhRainbow Public 81 18
Wonderful World of Private One X One's

Private roleplaying one on one

Tags: Private, One on One

Kiyoku Kurisaku Private 51 2
FreeLance Role-Play [Under Construction]

Feel like Role-Playing with someone, one-on-one? Here's where to do it!

Tags: One-on-one, Freelance, Jameh-Jams

Furciferae Private 2 6
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