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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Manga Maniacs Guild

Talk and rant about manga!

Tags: manga, anime

Minaiko Private 5,531 614
Scribble & Click

Finally, a free guild made for writers and roleplayers of all kind!

Tags: Writing, Reading, Roleplay, Contest

nerdizzle92 Public 560 20
The Big Bang Fan Guild ♥

This is for fan boys/girls who love Big Bang.

Optimistic Cookie Public 607 183
Rants of the Obsessed

A guild to discuss Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dramas, films, etc.

Tags: Japanese drama, Korean drama, Chinese drama, Asian drama, rant

Duchess Rhea Public 112 8
Kamichama Karin

This guild is for people who like Kamichama Karin.

Tags: Manga, Random, Anime, Mini Gods, Romance

Azn_Expo_Marker Public 153 39
Just Make It Up

A Makeup Guild For Enthusiast Of The Art.

Tags: Makeup, Promotion, Rewards, Tips, Reviews

Mother_Zombee Public 4,934 87
Aspie Alley

a place for aspies to hang out and chat

Tags: aspie, LGBT, random chat, aspbergers, daleks

Shilberu Erikku Public 82 20
Quantum Zombie

Survive Against hordes of zombies Developed by G-Corp.

Tags: Zombie, bartoncity, Gcorp, schools

Just An Animal Private 146 11
Writing Dreamers

This is a place to exspress anything that you would like to speak you heart out about and it will almost feel like a second home to you.

Tags: Dreams, Romance, fantasy, freedom, writing

ihatehumansX Public 6 11

We Are Awesome, Bitches!

Tags: aliens, crew, something, clustermuck, cluster

xXx GOGGLOR xXx Public 20 7
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