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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
In the Valley

Slice of Life, Humor, Drama Super Heroes, Aliens

CoffeeXSong Private 2,216 7

for fans of adventure time

Tags: adventure time, tv show, dream avatar, cartoon, fan art

AngelxXNickkixX Public 59 30
~* Evanescence Obsessed *~

A guild for evanescence fans, no matter how obsessed. Contests going on all the time to win free gold!

Tags: Evanescence, Music, Amy Lee

evanescence obsessed Private 13,785 1,528
Starlight Canopy

Roleplayers, writers, artists... All are welcome in Starlight Canopy! Here is a place to let all of your creative energy flow.

Tags: roleplay, artist, writing, drawing, poetry

Felix Avis Public 2,218 52
The New Gaia Alliance for the Mentally Ill

A mental illness support guild

Tags: mental illness, suicide, depression, personality disorder, anxiety

The_Raven_Nevermore_36 Public 173 71
Death By Yaoi

A guild for yaoi/yuri lovers, roleplayers, slaves and masters of all kinds!

Tags: yaoi, roleplay, yuri, boyxboy, BDSM

ll-Rawrsicle-ll Public 1,199 79
Ραяєит ρяσנєcт

Tags: Roleplay, Project, Romance, School, Island

Casual Human Public 7,974 10
The International league of Pokemon

A guild for pokemon fans

Tags: Pokemon, roleplaying, Pokemon trading card game, Fan fiction/ Fan art, Pokemon Video games

boku24 Public 12 1
Supernatural Obsessed

Team Sam? Dean? Castiel?

Tags: Supernatural, paranormal, winchester

EnigmaticMinx Public 9 1
❀ Yuna's Garden: Final Fantasy X ❀

A Guild for RPs, Discussion, Contest, and The Love of Video Games ♥

Tags: Final Fantasy, Video Games, Role Play, Discussion, Contest

ChopSuey444 Public 23 11
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