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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Okinaku: Rise of the Flying City

A battle between spiritually powerful humans and evil demons to protect the world from descending to hell.

Tags: Fantasy, Futuristic, Supernatural, Demons, Angels

Tsukirou Hiragano Public 267 17
Darkness is Calling

a place for all of your little dark fantasies

Tags: fantasies, desires, secrets, lust

nightmare_rabbit_alice Public 15 8
*~*Dreams & Nightmares*~*

Tags: Role Playing, Picture Sharing, OOC Chat, Bumping, Polls

Mrs Yachi-san Private 5,885 37
The Nightmare Syndicate

Our family is continuing to grow. We focus on friendship, Music, gaming, writing, and much more, I am always open to ideas so PM me

Tags: friends, Family, Community, Writing, RPing

Arc Inochi Private 396 11
Thunder Wrestling Inc. [TWI]™

Welcome to T.W.I!

Tags: Thunder, Wrestling, Incorporated, Championship, Roleplay

Noisy Noivern Private 180 32
Say your prayers Children; Beware the Night Man

Day & Night, Shadows & Light, Parallel Universe Role-Play

Tags: light, dark, dreams, roleplay, semi lit

Magdalae Public 1,408 17

A Samurai Roleplay filled with action, comedy and romance! Suitable for semi-lit to lit.

Tags: blades, seven, samurai, action, roleplay

Sweet blah blahblah Public 617 25
dreaming nightmares

roleplay and story telling

Tags: role playing, story telling, friend makeing, artwork

warwlof723 Public 3 17
Nightmare Academy

This guild is for people who love to rp. also for the people who liked storys like devil may cry and rosa vamp.

Tags: anime, supernatural beings, demons, romance, role playing

Asukara madness unbound Public 27 8
Haunting Night Horrors of Halloween

Have you ever had a nightmare? Heard a story of that dark and stormy night? Feel free to share your horrors with us...if you dare.

Tags: Halloween, Midnight, Nightmare, Slenderman, Roleplay

enirboreH ma I Public 10 2
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