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Results for "Nightmares"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The City of Darkness

Roleplaying Guild with standard RPGs

Tags: Dice, City, Darkness

Dr. Darkness Private 20,440 5
Left for dead: A Hell Called Earth

In a world where the undead rule, survivors must come together to remain alive.

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, role playing, survivors, infection

deadly60571 Private 1,166 6
Moon Sworn Alpha

A werewolf and vampire role play guild

Tags: Werewolf, Vampire, Moon, Sworn, Alpha

The Fox Tamer Private 310 13
Draconian Imperium

As Draconia continues to pull itself from the ashes of the Third Sin War, a empire celebrates a new Emperor, and a new force stirs...

Tags: Space Warfare, Drama, Sci Fi, Imperial, Grand Scale

Outlawstar15a2 Public 2,975 23
The Lucid Dreaming Guild

Tags: lucid dream, dreams, nightmare, sleep

Pinu Public 3,136 105
Nightmare Campus

RP Guild for the B/C shop Nightmare Campus

Tags: Changeables, Breedables, Roleplay, Highschool, Demon

Yashok Public 42 3
The Shrouded Sanctuary

Tags: Character pages, Forgotten Characters

Dragon student Private 726 5
nightmares coming to life


AnjelsBones_Banyez Public 267 20
Cirque du Cauchemar

Welcome to your Nightmares

Tags: Circus, Cirque, Cauchemar, Nightmare

Doll Maker Robert Public 9 8
pasta monsters

Tags: ceepypasta, roleplay, community, cosplay

Crowley Ira Zephyr Inferi Public 3 4
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