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Results for "Nightmares"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The City of Darkness

Roleplaying Guild with standard RPGs

Tags: Dice, City, Darkness

Dr. Darkness Private 20,440 5
Draconian Imperium

As Draconia continues to pull itself from the ashes of the Third Sin War, a empire celebrates a new Emperor, and a new force stirs...

Tags: Space Warfare, Drama, Sci Fi, Imperial, Grand Scale

Outlawstar15a2 Public 2,975 23
Nightmare Campus

RP Guild for the B/C shop Nightmare Campus

Tags: Changeables, Breedables, Roleplay, Highschool, Demon

Yashok Public 42 3
The Shrouded Sanctuary

Tags: Character pages, Forgotten Characters

Dragon student Private 726 5
Left for dead: A Hell Called Earth

In a world where the undead rule, survivors must come together to remain alive.

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, role playing, survivors, infection

deadly60571 Private 1,166 6
nightmares coming to life


AnjelsBones_Banyez Public 267 20
Goji Institute of Magic

Hello, welcome to the Goji Institute of Magic. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce this guild to you. Have fun roleplaying!

Tags: School, Life, Action, Roleplay, Literate

AoeAddict Private 669 63
Moon Sworn Alpha

A werewolf and vampire role play guild

Tags: Werewolf, Vampire, Moon, Sworn, Alpha

The Fox Tamer Private 310 13
Cirque du Cauchemar

Welcome to your Nightmares

Tags: Circus, Cirque, Cauchemar, Nightmare

Doll Maker Robert Public 9 8
pasta monsters

Tags: ceepypasta, roleplay, community, cosplay

Crowley Cronus Whitedemon Public 3 4
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