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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
ℌℴℓɩɗαʏ ℊʯαɾɗɩαɳʂ

A Nightmare Before Christmas/Rise of the Guardians Crossover Roleplaying Guild - Semi lit to lit, Open and Accepting!

Tags: fantasy, nightmare before christmas, rise of the guardians, roleplay, holidays

Thalassa Promise Public 103 13
Under Construction {Will be Named Later}

Tags: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Future, Romance

Zemyx Unlimited Public 28 7
Only In Nightmares

Once the world is consumed by nothing but flesh eater's and those only out for themselves, how will you survive the world?

Tags: Zombie, Survival, Military, Roleplaying, Suspense

Cory Koshiomi Public 103 5
Country of Holidays {TNBC RP Guild} {O/A}

A Nightmare Before Christmas Roleplaying Guild! Even if you don't know much about TNBC, you can still join! Please take a look!

Tags: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington, Anime, Roleplay, Fantasy

Thalassa Promise Public 619 15
PTSD support guild

A guild for people to discuss PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and related problems.

Tags: PTSD, mental health, mental illness

Petrograd Private 103 38
RPG Ib Guertena's Revenge.

Let's create a whole new world for Ib

Tags: Ib game, Mary, Garry, Role Play, Game

Mighty Mighty Mayne Public 304 21
єριтαρн σƒ ηιgнтмαяєѕ

Alternate worlds that string together a chaotic story.

Tags: Role Playing, Gaia gold, Epitaph, ofthe, Nightmares

SnowieFox Public 6 4
Flying Kitten Stars~ A Charity!

Your extraterrestrial charity!

Tags: kitten star, charity, donation

Shhh Im Sleeping Public 58 27
Happy Nightmare

This guild is generally for discussion and meeting new people...We also do polls every now and then.

Tags: Gaian, new people, Rich, Free, Talking

Caprislut Public 2 1
Xenos - The Strangers

We are the strangers of the void.

Tags: Stranger, Void, Xenos, Lost, No One

Ryuu-no-Taisho Public 6 4
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