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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Marvel Nerds United

A place to Roleplay and Discuss all things Marvel!!! We Have fanfiction!!!

Tags: Marvel, X-men, roleplay, comics, Fanfiction

Witch of the Wild Public 5,469 57
.:~A private place for a couple of nerds~:.

Private guild, just for two.

Moneneko Private 2,990 2
Giant Doctor Who Nerds

A place for people who like Doctor Who to discuss the show, characters, actors, and anything else related to Doctor Who

Tags: Doctor Who, Tennant, Matt Smith, Doctor, Whovian

stephy-gurl Public 39 47
{Click Central} Reina Vixen Public 54 11
DC Comics Guild

Tags: DC Guild, Comics, DC Universe, Batman, Superman

aliatelilith Public 566 116
Shattered Hearts

An Advanced Literate Roleplaying Guild

Tags: Original, Role playing, Advanced Literate, Literate, Open Minded

SadistikMasochist Private 2,788 31
The SMS Brigade

A fun and random guild! We're anime-themed, but we welcome everyone!

Tags: anime, awesome, geeks, nerds, Japan

Phoebe-Sakura Private 1,832 50
Classic Gaming Nerds

Classic game lovers are welcome

Tags: loadsoffun, classic, games, nerds, SuperMario

Jake_The_Hero_of_Time Public 2 2
Dungeons and Dragons: The original RPG

Dungeon and Dragons guild

Tags: Roleplay, Dungeons, Dragons, Dice, Nerds

animal kid10 Public 125 1
Zexion Elites

The Ultimate Zexion Fanclub!

Tags: Zexion, Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Number VI, The Cloaked Schemer

Memories of Zexion Private 4 5
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