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~ Editorial Interest ~

For all you OCD about interior decorating and design...your homes waiting...now..you just need to decorate it..LOL

Tags: interior, decorating, decor, rooms, style

rielles Private 764 26
6/15 Brooklyn

we're a role-playing group based in Brooklyn, NY!

Tags: acting, play, game, teens, socialize

MikadoNatsuru Public 27 14
Band Nerds United

Band, Instruments, Nerds, Marching, Clarinet, Flute, Tuba, Drums

Tags: Band, Nerds, Awesome, Saxophone, Clarinet

The Plays The Thing Public 5,015 43
The Erudite & Grand Nerd Clan

Why be guildless? JOIN TODAY!

Tags: classy, video games, gentlemen, nerds

eldiazorama Public 25 8
Army Of Love (Original)

Army's Goal: Spread Love And Unity

Tags: lgbt, world, Love, Goth, Unity

Reignos Public 111 174
Because there is always a need for a guild

Honestly I had no reason to make this guild except because I wanted to make a guild

Tags: Guild, Game, Comic, Media, Discussion

cadavercutie Public 127 3
GaiaOnline's Hetalia


Tags: Hetalia, Axis, Powers, World, Series

illigitmate pandora Private 53 9
The Creative Minds

A RP Guild For People Who Love To RP.

Tags: Role Play, Creative, Imagine

Alliecat298 Public 59 14
N.E.R.D.S Role Playing

We are here to provide a wide range of Role plays and a welccoming enviorment for learning and growth

Tags: RolePlay, Literate, Nerds, Roleplaying

DeviantLuLu Private 15 1
The Knights that say Ni

We're cool....enough said

Tags: Awesome, Nerd, Funny, trivia, gaming

abbybanshee Public 3 2
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