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Art Nerds Unite! Art Shop Artists

This is a guild for the guild in which all artists in the shop are required to be part of

Tags: art nerds unite, shops

1eyeliner1 Public 89 11

A hybrid of four different guilds in one convenient space

Tags: military, swag, rich, intelligent, role play

shubuyo Public 346 29
Art Nerds Unite!

This is a guild made to support starving artists of gaia. We hold contests based around different art media :D you can win prizes!

Tags: Contests, Artist, Gaia Gold, Art Contests, Nerding

1eyeliner1 Public 247 93
Losers Club Banditman.EXE Private 65,449 267
Anime Angels archangel2010 Public 8,633 144
N.E.R.D.~A Guild for Dorks and Geeks

Whether you're geeky or not, feel free to join!

Tags: Nerdy, Cool, National, Dorks, Rainbows

seena10 Public 236 23
Dark and social, Respected

You are dark or goth or even emo. here u are respected

Tags: Emos, Social, Goth, Dark, Evil

John Lipke Public 56 27

A Guild dedicated to the Paranormal. Here you can discuss anything and everything.

Tags: Paranormal, Ghost, Scary, Haunted, Demonic

yaystrawberries Public 56 17
Outcast Circle

A place for all types of outcasts to hang out

Tags: furry, witch, tech, vampire, artwork

Bloody Rosen Knight Public 27 6
The Gamer/Nerd Group

public people

l Cups l Public 1 1
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