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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Ask A Gay...The Guild

Tags: gays, lesbian, lgbt, homosexual, transgender

Rainbow Bracelets Public 7,419 126
Welcome to the Capital Wasteland : A Fallout 3 Guild

Enjoy the official and best Fallout 3 Guild!

Tags: Fallout, Wasteland, XBOX 360, Gaming, Role Playing

Remote Controlled Rocket Public 6,279 71
Nerd Rage

For all the nerds out there who want to join an ACTIVE guild!

Tags: video games, pokemon, zelda, transformers, mario

Hannah of the Lost Woods Public 24 11
Homestuck Rp-Humanstuck and Normal

{Insert summary that absolutely rocks your world} Rp-ing guild.

Tags: Homestuck, Troll, RolePlay, HumanStuck, Karkat

Primrose Kathery Private 39 8
Pokemon F-G-N United

Pokemon Freaks, Geeks, and Nerds United

Tags: Pokemon, Freaks, Geeks, Nerds, Untied

DarkSpade22 Public 24 2
Generations Gamer's Guild

A gaming guild for the young and older gamers on Gaia

Tags: Retro, Console, Arcade, PC games

Slaje Public 10 1
Geeks And Nerds

Videogames, yugioh,anime,manga,magic,my little pony, etc, aka all things geeky an nerdy!

Tags: Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, Comics, Videogames

mewliz Public 16 6
Kuwaiti Otaku Union

Welcome to the KOU! A place where Otakus in Kuwait can commune!

Tags: Kuwait, Otaku, Anime, Gaming, Manga

rashooood Private 63 5
Nerd Army

For all those Nerds with nowhere else to go.

Tags: Nerd, Harry Potter, Geek, Polite, Friendly

Rollar-blading Unicorn Public 3 3
Pretentious Elitist

Only members of the exclusive community may join.

Tags: Attractive, Not nerds, The best, Brilliant, Exclusive

Malignant Thoughts Private 7 4
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