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Sci fi nerds unite

this is a place for sci fi nerds to unite!!!

Tags: sci fi, nerd, roleplay, doctor who, star trek

scifi fan 1988 Public 323 39
The ultimate anime nerd rp guild.

Goku rules.

Tags: Anime, Role Play, Dragon Ball, Porn, that

Saiyan-Cetra Kid Private 1,208 11
The Guild of Dedicated PokéNerds

A guild where dedicated PokéNerds meet for amazing Pokémon experiences!

Tags: Nintendo, Anime, Pocket Monsters, Pokemon, PokeNerds

Sir Marty the Magnificent Private 1,132 86
Join Now or a Dick Will Get Stabbed Into Your Eye!

This is just a guild where you can fuck around and talk about whatever you want from gay butt sex to politics because we’re just awesome

Tags: funny, cumtastic, general, awesome, epic

cumtasticbukkake Public 147 122
Tighty Whities

for people who love tighty-whities, briefs, and wedgies

Tags: wedgies, briefs, tighty whities, nerds, underwear

icelightning1 Public 43 6
AmberWood Academy

A highschool for the gifted.

Tags: Highschool, University, Talented, Labels, Romance

asdfghjklnooo Private 19,088 13
The PokePotter Jedis.

A guild for those people who love Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or all three!

Tags: Star Wars, Pokemon, Harry Potter, The PokePotter Jedis, Roleplay

Anderceus Private 251 19
~Weirdos Unite~ (v^-^v)

If you're abnormal and you know it, join the guild~

Tags: Family, Nerds, Anime, Friends, Anti-normal

Tez Yami Public 5 12
Computer Nerds

To be edited.

Tags: Computer, Building, maybe, just, Gaming

Bye Sincerely Colby Public 7 1
NFL ( Nerds For Life xD! )

This Guild Is basically going to be about expressing your inter-nerdiness.

CinthiaLovesTerry Public 47 47
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