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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
DC Comics Guild

Tags: DC Guild, Comics, DC Universe, Batman, Superman

aliatelilith Public 566 116
The SMS Brigade

A fun and random guild! We're anime-themed, but we welcome everyone!

Tags: anime, awesome, geeks, nerds, Japan

Phoebe-Sakura Private 1,832 49
The Nerd Guild

A guild for nerds and nerdfighters, naturally.

Tags: nerd, nerdfighter, polls, discussion, contests

unique au monde Public 104 120
Otaku Tomodachi

A great place where friends can stay in touch, share things, play games and spend time with each other.

Tags: Friends, Chat, Happy, Hangout, Game

shalunya Private 1,518 24
Super Nerd Club

The Super Nerd Club is for everything nerdy, whether it be anime or Magic we have it.

Tags: Pokemon, Magic, Anime, Role Playing, Nerd

Tichelle Private 2,257 49
Tighty Whities

for people who love tighty-whities, briefs, and wedgies

Tags: wedgies, briefs, tighty whities, nerds, underwear

icelightning1 Public 44 6
The Nerd Adoption Agency

Come on, even nerds need love from others besides their WoW characters.

Tags: nerd, roleplay, adoption

Katze Allemon-Schatten Private 817 5
Dungeons and Dragons: The original RPG

Dungeon and Dragons guild

Tags: Roleplay, Dungeons, Dragons, Dice, Nerds

animal kid10 Public 125 1
The Gamer Girls

Who says women just play online bingo? In 2010, 40% of all pc gamers were female!

Tags: gamer, girls, video games, anime, comics

FluffiKitten Public 323 50
Nerd Corner

Comics, Manga, Games and MORE!

DeathPrincess96 Public 1 1
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