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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Black Lagoon Guild Hysterical Excess Public 915 49
мαχιмυм ѕєηтєη¢є

Alcatraz has been reopened, can you serve your sentence and make it out Alive?

Tags: Yaoi, Paranormal, Prison, Survival, Role Play

Aszure Private 65 4
The Writer's Block: A Literate RPing Guild

Writer's block is always keeping the Gaian down; come with us and we will chip away at that large marble block to make materpieces.

Tags: Literate, Role Playing, RPing, Anime RP, Writing

Aco the invader Private 2,327 62
Fringe Fanatics

A place to discuss Fox's epic show, 3rd season returns Jan. 21st!

Tags: Fringe, Television, Entertainment

The Fringe Observer Public 278 39
[Schwartz] -A Roleplay Guild-

Human Weapon Experimentation in Germany. Roleplay. Side forums for chatting and other stuff as well.

Tags: Experiment, Roleplay, History, Chat, Fantasy

ExplosiveCrimson Public 239 14
Wasteland Never Ending, A post-apocalyptic RP

A post-apocalyptic RP with a deep story and intense action.

Tags: roleplay, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, epic, badass

Rape_for_Breakfast Public 277 7
The White Elephant - An Art Cafe - OPEN!

♥ My name is Crumpet the Tea, and this is a Beautiful art cafe. Come on in and stay a while. ♥

Crumpet the Tea Public 358 20
Nazi Zombies RolePlay

zombies,roleplay duhh :P

Tags: nazi zombies, mmorpg, roleplay

XxSniperofAllxX Public 28 4
The Dikrats Pack

Are you a StarKid? Do you know about things like Pigfarts, Red Vines, and Floo Powder Power? Than this is the place for you.

Tags: AVPS, AVPM, Dikrats, StarKidPotter, TeamStarKid

Mallow Cakes Private 2 1
The Grammar Nazis (You know who you are)

A guild for those of us who like to be able to READ peoples' sentences. Fully literate people only.

Tags: Writing, Grammar, Syntax

Non sequitir Public 15 4
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