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Navy Medicine Gaia

A corps of the finest Medicine the gaian Military can Aford

Tags: Medical, navy

eui Public 1,860 26
Tetrad || The Fight for Freedom

In the Pokemon world, a paramilitary organization battles oppression in the face of mounting odds...

Tags: pokemon, trainer, team, roleplay, tetrad

Zephynoir Private 5,792 9
Future Warfare Navy seals,Zulu

hope you had training

Tags: Military

LordArmos Public 10 3
One Piece: The Rebellion

a dedicated rp group based on the show One piece, but not limited to it.

Tags: One Piece, roleplaying, freeform

touchstone3 Public 7,612 4
Medieval Kingdom

We have it simple, Ambition, Perfection and Excellence

Tags: Medieval, Les Miserables, Acting, Kingdom, Navy

Advent Cirno Public 743 41
United States Armed Forces™


Tags: U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, United States Armed Forces

IC - Rambo Public 148 77
Fruits Moon

This little corner of gaia is a place for several ongoing and different roleplays.

Guardian_Fairy_Navi Private 57 4
The Demigod Alliance vs The Godsend

What happens when Evolved Humans and Demigods fight?

Tags: Olympians, Heroes, Evolved Humans, Camp Half-Blood, Percy Jackson

PosiedonRulez Public 89 4
The Fallen Shadow

So heres the deal , If youre an assassin , and or Ninja , this is the guild for you. There will be a ranking system and there will be rules.

Tags: shadow, ninja, assassin, Roleplay, pack

l Fallen Wolf l Public 1 1
One Piece RP Guild: Pirates, Villains, Marines, Navy etc.

Make your own character, get approved, and get started!

Tags: One Piece, Role, Play, Anime, Luffy

Health Candy Public 322 16
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