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The Turning Pages

Choose your side.

Tags: Fantasy, Mythological, Witches, Harry Potter, Werewolf

Geek Sama Private 3,337 18
Green Of Blue

Role Playing in the way of the teen world.

Tags: Role Playing, Anime, Teens, Life, Blogging

OwnKindOfParadise_92 Public 1,945 48
Dragons land

A world where magical beings of all kind exist to either protect or destroy the world of dragons land.

Tags: Dragons, mythical, Wars, gaia, Shadows

So_Orgasmic_Oreo Public 536 28
The Chibi Warehouse Guild

Guild for the shop.

Tags: chibi, mythology, role play

Tonberry Shortcake Public 138 19

| Character Development |

Jordan Avila Private 15 3
The Essendra Region

Myth comes to life. Can Man handle the changes to come?

Tags: role playing, Gijinka, Pokémon, literate, writing

The Bard of Essendra Private 8,720 15
Behind Animal Eyes, The World of Were

Role Play based on Were-creatures of all species

Tags: Werewolf, Role Playing, Political, Combat, Mythological

Magni Prime Public 71 5
Children of the Ancient Powers [‡ A Percy Jackson RP ‡]

Tags: Percy Jackson, Mythology, Gods, Demi-Gods, Half-Blood

Gawain Law Private 667 7
Envoy of The Hollow Worlds

This is a cross over role play guild that incorporates multiple animes/shows

Tags: Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Code Lyoko, Fantasy

Metternich Private 2,851 14
AJ's Personal Vault Guild Alicia Joana Private 55 4
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