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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Kingdom Hearts: Waking Rebirth

A literate Role Playing Guild based off of Kigndom Hearts:

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Role Play, Keyblades, Heartless, Square Enix

Tsumuro Private 19,835 95
Shinwa no sekai

A Guild for Mythological creature Rp!

Tags: Mythological, Fairies, Romance, Oberon, Roleply

Ryu Nerith Public 257 6
Greece: Under Watchful Eyes U/C

A literate to advanced literate roleplaying guild set back in the times of ancient Greece, where the eyes of the Gods are always watching.

Tags: Roleplay, Advanced Literate, Literate, Greek Mythology, Greek Gods

ohCole Private 309 2
Paradise of Immortals (OPEN)

DISCLAIMER: RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 16 AND OLDER! A basic RP guild for roleplayers around the world!

Tags: vampire, werewolf, mythology, rippers

Captain Jan the Immortal Private 1,088 13
Percy Jackson: The Three Kingdoms [Semi-Literate] C/A

A Semi-Literate Percy Jackson Guild.

Tags: Greek Mythology, Percy Jackson Style, Semi-Literate, Several Genres, New Perspective

Uchiha Zakoichi Private 1,272 1
Elaphoi of Amaranth - Official Guild

Secondary home of the EoA B/C Shop!

Tags: Elaphoi, Amaranth, Deer, Mythology, Artemis

EoA Artemis Public 74 10
Mythological Mess (not open yet)

~~A roleplay about greek mythology~~

Tags: mythological, role play, literate

spanksthellama Private 24 8
Children of Olympus

This is a roleplay guild based around the book series' Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus.

Tags: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, Greek/Roman Mythology, Monsters, Gods

VincenzoVeneziano Public 38 5
Godling Academy

Where becoming a God can actually Happen

Tags: Mythology, Demigods, School, Roleplaying, Adventure

Ayumu Senpai Private 52 7
Realms Of Yggdrasil

A guild made for roleplaying and chatting among friends.

Tags: Norse Mythology, Mythology, Roleplaying, Fantasy, Modern Fantasy

Hell_Fox_666 Public 2 7
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