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Greek Mythology Guild

A guild for lovers of Greek Mythology in all its rich variety.

Tags: Greek, Greece, Classical, Mythology, Myth

Akherontis Public 14,794 506
=@= O Di Immortales! =@=

A Role Playing and Discussion Guild based on PJ&TO and the Heroes of Olympus Series.

Tags: Greek Gods, mythology, Percy Jackson, Camp Half-Blood, Heroes of Olympus

Bryony of Dionysus Public 3,535 21
Dragons land

A world where magical beings of all kind exist to either protect or destroy the world of dragons land.

Tags: Dragons, mythical, Wars, gaia, Shadows

So_Orgasmic_Oreo Public 536 25
♥ Yuri-Tastic ♥

Yuri Roleplaying // Chatting with like minded people

Tags: Yuri, LGBTQ Friendly, Roleplaying Yuri, Discussion, Semi-literate to literate

Stormgem Private 5,088 161
rosario + vampire Tsukune's fight

it is everyday life for tsukune other then he is a human in a vampire school...

Ichigo_Kurosaki2028 Public 1,710 105
Nαʀυтo/Bʟeαcн: Στеʀηαʟ Rɪѵαʟs

The Naruto verse meets the Bleach verse, A war has broke out... Which side will you choose?

Tags: Roleplay, Love/Romance, Shinobi/Soulreaper, Battle/War

Shoku Ginga Private 1,532 13
Lionheart Academy

A place for love, learning, and friendship

Tags: Love, Elves, friendship, school, romance

KSKittyLuvz Public 4,190 34
Hidden Legion

Battle your way to the top of the legion ranks, while covering as a gladiator in a plot against Ares the God of War...

Tags: Supernatural, Combat, Mythology, Fantasy, Roleplay

Forsaken Demon Prince Public 357 40
Olympus: A Half-Blood Institution U/ C


Tags: Roleplay, Romance, Half-Bloods, Greek Mythology, Education

Mystery Loxx Private 5 5
The Lost Camp [Closed]

When a new camp is discovered, war is threatened. Died, Thanks to everyone who joined.

Tags: Camp Half Blood, Camp Jupiter, Percy Jackson, Demigods, Mythology

Speaks in Riddles Private 778 39
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