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The Castles of Unknown Secrets

A complex Semi-Literate/Literate Vampire RP with intertwining plots and histories that spans many centuries.

Tags: literate roleplay, secrets, clans, covens, vampires

damecharlie Private 1,024 18
Camp Half-Blood : The Olympians

Welcome to the Camp Half-Blood Where Campers become Heroes. ( A role Play Guild )

Tags: Camp, Half-blood, Gods, Goddesses, Semi-literate

LostHeroesLeoValdezIsMINE Private 2,566 35

Journey to a mystical world submerged in conflict , where anything is possible and no one is safe. Will you survive the Realm of Rykros?

Tags: Steam Punk, Romance, Role Play, Fantasy, Darkness

SorceressJacklyn Private 25,527 10
Dragon Ball Omega

A Dragon Ball Z based Role play guild

Tags: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon ball, Anime, Role Play, Action

Reaver428 Public 39 7
Broken Dawn ((Open and Accepting New Members))

Tags: Supernatural, End of Days, vampire, Garou, apocalyptic

Magik Trevini Private 1,369 45
Sandman's Castle


Hopeless Reality Private 293 12
The Land Of Video Games!

Roleplay as your favorite video game characters!

Tags: Halo, Assasins creed, mortal kombat, legend of zelda, Portal 2

the study of wumbo Public 727 25
Okataru Academy

Academy for the Un-Humans

Tags: Academy, Human, Immortal, School, Mortals

Heartless Monochrome Public 496 7

Be ready to fall

Tags: Ages of, Story, Development, Interguild Interaction, Combat

Cassiel Monroe Private 25 10
the feline & the demon

rp, oc

King Nysgh Public 3 2
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