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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
4ny7h1n6 6035 6u1|d (Anything Goes GUILD)

Tags: Active, Bump, Gold, Prize, Money

lifeisamistake18 Public 328 24
Checkmate Auxiliary

Tags: Action, Romance, Stat-based, Semi-literate, Literate

Enshinju Public 2,111 3
Children Torn Asunder

An Epic story about becoming more than you ever expected.

Rerris Ghostwing Public 70 17
Straightedge Youth ✘✘✘

Gaian ✘✘✘ crew come together for our passion of values and music ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Tags: straight edge, pop punk, post hardcore, hardcore, metal

Lord Penguin Pants Public 4 1
Worldly Neighbors Association

We are problem solvers and admire so much with society.

Tags: Battle, Intelligence, Peace, Logic, World

DevilinMetamorpheus Private 13 2
Mitomi High//theguild

Named "freaks" in normal society, they come to Mitomi as a refuge, as a place to hone their skills.

Tags: Roleplaying, High school, anime, Magic, love

D i i N O__MUNSTER Private 4,327 41
The Federation of Aurelian States

A Vast Land of Provinces *A Roleplaying Group*

Tags: Role Play, Fantasy, Fame, Realms, Quests

Senkairai Private 41 3
Dead risings

Humans bring about their own doom, how will YOU cope?

Tanabite Public 2 1
The Debate Club

A forum for debaters of all kinds.

Tags: Debate, Reading, Books, Politics, Religion

Queqs Public 11 9
The Land of No Man (Superhuman RP)

An RP for humans and humans with inhuman gifts

Tags: role playing, superhuman, tragedy, open, apocalyptic

xX_Nada_En_Vano_Xx Public 2 1
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