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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Band Nerd Guild

The coolest most awesome most BAND NERDIEST place EVER!

Tags: band, nerd, music

Tubariffic Public 241,810 25,822
Stoner's Corner Guild Kittymeeow Private 62,546 455
GGN Moderators' Guild

We are a guild of Captains, Vice Captains, and Crew helping out those of similar rank in need and working with developers to improve guilds.

Tags: Captain, Vice Captain, Crew

Suzie Rue Private 39,333 5,441
The Sailor Moon Guild

A guild for those who love Sailor Moon. (Big Fourum RP needs more players).

Tags: Sailor moon, Moon, Roleplay, Anime, Manga

O n y x Public 32,893 5,859
The Soul Guardians XIII

There is strength to be found in individuality, but our true power is discovered in our unity!

Tags: Bleach, Seireitei, Zanpakuto, Soul Reaper, Role Play

Regenki Kaicho Public 53,583 53
Academy of Tomorrow

Lit. to Adv. Lit. Next-Gen Marvel Universe Roleplay

Professor Magik Private 1,518 10
Naruto: Alternate Starting Era

A guild dedicated soley for Naruto. Loose on rules, keeping most decided on RP skill and the honor of the players.

Tags: Naruto, Roleplay, Anime, Shinobi, Ninja

Shojiteru Private 54 5
Forest Of Insanity

Tags: Random, Crazy, Weird, Insane

Erpel Public 14,893 148
Datenshi: The Fallen

A place to come make new friends, roleplay, hang out, and have fun.

Tags: roleplay, action, fantasy, adventure, datenshi

Shisei Tenshi Private 11,913 5
Blissfully Stellar - DTTPAY Guild

This guild is for co-owners and moderators only.

Blissfully Stellar Private 17 5
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