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welcome to fallcreast, the small town you can let your dungeons and dragons need lose on

Tags: Dungeons and dragons, fallcrest, Roleplay, Adventure, Dice

mtigerstar Public 258 8
UNSC Reach Protection Unit

We Are one of the elite Task forces On reach Your job: protect Your home.

Knotty Wolf Public 1 3
Militia (M.T.A)

The MTA is back!

Tags: Militia, Modern Warfare, Guns, Allies, Army

UNSC Hercules Private 698 59
Tainted Fate

Victorian Rp Era

Tags: TaintedFate, TheTaintedFate, VictorianEra, TheVictorianEra, TaintedFateEra

Kumi darkheart Public 342 6
Quantum Zombie: Reloaded

Survive Against hordes of zombies Developed by G-Corp.

Tags: Zombie, bartoncity, Gcorp

Just An Animal Private 146 11
Da FreshKid Militia (Gaia)

Any Rapper that wanna collab

Unruly FreshKid Public 8 1
A Fur's Destiny

A furry battle school that involves your own experience the way you want it. It includes an outside world and 1x1 Rp's on the side.

Tags: furry, Romance, Alternate Universe, Ranking, Army

yorii_kun Public 9 6
United States Colonist {Militia}

We fight for freedom, Independence, and we do not accept tyrants!

Tags: Army, Military, Marines, Squad, Tags

MPD_Grit Public 2 13
Militia of Nuclear Warfare

We shall become an example for others to follow

Tags: Wars, united, forces, pickle9000, warfare

ll Commando ll Private 2 15
۴۵ The Ancient Magics of Ƈortalia ۵۴

A guild dedicated to my friends and an awesome rp

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Dragons, Warring, Roleplaying

DJ Plank Private 22 11
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