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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Seeds of War (A Fantasy/Feudal RP)

A action and drama RP Guild where two Clans fight for dominance in an eternal struggle.

Tags: Japan, Feudal, Drama, Samurai, Ninja

WeaselFanBoy Private 1,557 37
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan): The Other

Semi-Literal and Literal

Tags: Shingeki no Kyojin, Eren Yaeger, Roleplay, Titan, Romantic

Radio-San Public 1,495 28
Universal Space Force

Join if you are part of the Legion

Tags: U.S.F Legion

SedativeSea6855 Public 10 1

"A guild that will test your intellegence, and avi strength. Welcome to Solistice"

Tags: Japanese/military

Freya Nightfell Public 1,142 19
Wolf Pack Assassins

Helping others. Join guild for new upcoming stuff

Tags: WolfPack, Military, RolePlay, Awesome People, hang out

Koga Dark Wolf Private 314 29
Brotherhood of Steel (Gaia chapter)

Submit to the Brotherhood, Fight for the Brotherhood, Conquer for the Brotherhood

Tags: Military, Brotherhood, Tactics, Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel

Prince Ayperos Hellbond Public 34 1
Chronicles of Akuma: Black Phantom City

A city of darkness ruled by a beast of unimaginable power....

Tags: Demon, Battle, Blood, Rebellion, Experiments

Lexeus Alkirien Public 2,307 27
Kunaria-Two Worlds Collide

An rp guild in which modern technology clashes with swords and magic! Nearly all supernatural creatures are welcome.

Tags: roleplay, adventure, romance, medieval, military

Raiku Taka Public 1,277 11
The Other Hundred Years War

An alternate history RP guild set in 2051.

Tags: WWII, Alternate History, Cold War, Futuristic, Frontline

Generic Infantry Public 80 7
Mercenaries of the shadows

We will fight for gold.

Tags: Military, Fantasy

I went down to georgia Private 2 2
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