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Group of active Gaians.

Tags: socialization, relationship, active gaians, interests

rnikey Public 11 6
Assassin's Creed: Born in the Chapters of History

Nothing is true... Everything is permitted.

Tags: Assassin, Creed, Templar, Role Play

Zeda Ennd Private 728 2
Aura Flare A Nicholas Flamel RolePlay

This Guild is for those who wish to roleplay in the universe of Nicholas Flamel from the Michael Scott books.

Tags: Nicholas Flamel, Michael Scott, The Alchemyst, The Sorceress, The Necromancer

Zero Cousland Public 124 1
iiLovers Of the King Of Pop! Michael Jackson

Remembering Michael jackson

Tags: Michael jackson, Lovers, Support, Remembrance

IMunch Jelly C8 Public 376 561
Evil Nightmare #13

Expecting a nice happy guild? Too bad! Welcome to your worst nightmare...

Tags: Evil, nightmare, 13th, jason voorhees, freddy krueger

Red Devil Fire Private 388 28
The Fall out Alley Youth Zone

Gone fans rejoice, another guild about Michael Grant's awesome series.

Tags: FAYZ, Gone, Michael Grant, Hunger, Lies

sharpietoxin Public 100 13
75th Realistic Military RP Regiment

Guild for people who want to roleplay realistic military combat

Tags: Realistic, Combat, Military, Roleplay, 75th

Tsugetsa Public 18 7
Dead Space . Archived World ((Open, Complete))

The terror from the Ishimura and the Sprawl.....was just the beginning of the end.

Tags: Dead Space, roleplay

Pit sanin Public 48 9
Michael's roleplay guild

Come join the fun

Tags: horny, roleplay, naughty, cyber, love

Mikethepussylover Public 26 7
Official Underworld Guild

The official roleplaying guild for Underworld

Tags: Selene, Sonja, Viktor, Michael Corvin, Vampires & Lycans

xXDiedaraXx Public 7 7
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