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Last hope of earth

angels and demons a stage has formed. WIll you be a part of the story or watch?

Tags: action, romance, heart break, exicting, active i hope

unforgiven blade Public 212 5
The Emo Guild

What do you think genius? Its a guild for emo's.

Rellik San Private 77,969 4,539
Lords and Ladies from House of Silver

A guild for those who love elves, historial attire, nature, aristocrat life, or just silver!

Tags: elves, crafts, silver, aristocrat fashion, sewing

batsandcrows Private 38 12
Sacred Elements

R.P for those who love fantasy, action, and more

Tags: Wars, Romance, Elements, Betrayal, Conquest

hyperelfbug Public 644 3
Parle Productions

A Guild for Anyone who enjoys work from Parle Productions including::The Sora Show, Demyx Time, The Shinra Files, Etc.

Tags: Cosplay, Demyx Time, The Sora Show, Parle Productions, The Shinra Files

Fatal Yaoi Public 1,432 148
The Next Generation Anime Guild

An Anime RP guild.

Tags: Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, InuYasha, Anime

Niao Natsuhiboshi Public 7,836 40
Metal Gear AC!D X: Beyond The Looking Glass.

The ancient evil awakens once more deep within the blue seas...

Tags: Metal Gear, ACID, Solid Snake, Looking Glass, Boobs

jango starkiller Public 77 8
Chivalry Lost

Wield your might and boldly stand forth, do you have what it takes to be the last one standing?

Tags: fantasy, dragons, medieval, knights, roleplaying

CrescentKiss Public 154 10
Diamond Dogs

A guild for fans of the Metal Gear saga.

Tags: Metal Gear Rising, Konami, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear, Snake

Vic Boss Private 7 5
Melvarok: To Remain Strong

A devastating bandit attack left the once marvelous town known as Melvrok destroyed. Now the remaining citizens must start anew.

Cleric Knight Excalipaw Public 5 6
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