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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Rammstein Guild

A guild that supports Rammstein

Tags: Rammstein, Electronica, German, metal, Liebe ist fur all da

Herr Till Lindemann Private 16,895 626
The Porcupine Tree Guild

Guild for fans of Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson and Music.

Tags: Tool, Opeth, Floyd, Progressive, King Crimson

Fujistu Public 942 154
+ + + T e r r a N o v a + + +

Post-apocalyptic RP in a setting different than most...

Tags: post-apocalyptic, adult, roleplay, survival, apocalypse

DreadPirateKate Public 10 1
Full Metal: Alchemist Uprising

Join the uprising of alchemist into the new futuristic world.

Tags: Full,Metal,Alchemist, Metal,Gear,Solid, Role,Play,Action, Alchemy,Military,Power

Tenkie Public 977 9

Deathcore genre of music

Tags: Deathcore, Suicide Silence, BMTH, Growling, Breakdown

DeVilBoYxxx14 Public 253 138
The Official Sonic Fan Guild

A guild for nuts of SEGA's game series Sonic The Hedgehog, where you're free to roleplay, chat, or just win money in contests :3

Tags: Shadow The Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Espio The Chameleon, Roleplaying, Sonic The Hedgehog

Vegeta_Lover239 Private 21,017 36
Royal Dragons

Nine races but only one will be chosen as the ninth class

Tags: roleplay, Dragons

James-the_fallen-angel Public 601 7
Kaiba Corp. The New Dawn

A YuGiOh guild that gives a new twist. Will you turn from the path of a duelist, or take it for all it's worth?

Tags: Yugioh, Roleplaying, Anime, Dueling

Pimptress Ryu Public 50 5
Sword of the Seven Elements

A roleplay about an MMO

Tags: Gaming, Role Playing

Stardust Drifter Public 14 1
Metal Gear Solid: Return of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid based guild, full of fun past events and present ones of todays current MGS's

Tags: Metal Gear Solid, Role Play, Rated M, Chapter RPG

lottie-tottie1240 Private 8 2
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