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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
White Wolves of Barton Aoi Tsukai Private 19,607 78
Amici Noctis

A Guild for fans of the World of Darkness

Tags: White Wolf, World of Darkness, Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension, New World of Darkness

Berylis Public 114 22
Differently Biotic - Contests!

For the less than normal. We've got contests on a regular basis.

Tags: Different, Biotic, Outcast, Freak, Weird

Jayde Wynn Private 189 19
Yu-Gi-Oh-The Eighth Trial

To Save your home from an unknown force use must use the best of your decks

Tags: yugioh, duel, monster, role, hell

deity of crystals Private 1,199 33
◊˚•La Guild De Phantomhive•˚◊(Under Construction, Joinable.)

†Respectable business owners, Shinigami, Demons and Guests of or different from the like, we cordially invite you to join us here.†

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, Phantomhive, Black Butler, Classy, Masquerade

Tuna Tsuna Public 19 17
Hiatus TBA


Fleur Courtisee Private 235 1

Only rich people,sorry(:

Tags: Funnnn, Cooool, Lots Of Pics, Crazzzzy, Riccccch

BatmanLuvsYuh Public 2 16
Sanzatann Montre Pour

Freak Show Masquerade

Tags: Freak Show, Masquerade, Fiction, Fantasy, Role play

Random Lullaby Private 21 4
.: Masquerade :.

Come in~ The ball is just about to begin...Put on you best dress and do enjoy the party!

Tags: masquerade, ball, party, dress, roleplay

RueYumi Public 40 6
-Vampire: The Requiem-

An RPG based on the modern gothic storytelling game, Vampire: The Requiem. Come learn what it really means to be a creature of the night.

Tags: vampire, requiem, world of darkness, vampire the masquerade, roleplay

Rechosia Public 110 5
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