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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Kaiba Seto Guild Sketch-Inu Private 31,628 300
Digital Awakening

next gen digimon

Tags: cartoon, digimon, tamer, train, fantasy

Jeff The Murderer Public 3,007 16
Shadow Wood SLave Market/Manor

This is a hardcore rp guild that welcomes all sexual orientations

Tags: futa, bisexual, slave, market, roleplay

DarkPrincess EllieBelle Public 12 16
The Demon Market (Closed)

A supernatural post-apocalyptic roleplay.

Tags: supernatural, apocalypse, roleplay, gnoll, post-apocalypse

Banana Sluggles Private 24 6
The Tales of Juno. A Literate Roleplay Guild. [Dawn]

Literate Roleplay Guild. Fantasy.

Tags: Literate Roleplay, Mythical Beasts, Fantasy

Voxy Sky Public 8 2
Role playing manor

Different types of rp.

Tags: Role, Play, wierd, random, cool

Firey flower Private 1,194 13
(UC) Umbrella Corporation

"Our Buisness Is Life Itself"

Tags: Military, Bio-logical Research, Science, Action

Aaron Kar Public 7 2
DaeStar™: Earth's Reckoning

A futuristic, post-apocalyptic roleplay that takes you on a wild journey across the galaxy.

Tags: Post-Apocalyptic, Roleplay, Battle System

ssAntonio Private 36 4
Awakening -- A Mafia RP --

Under Reconstruction

Tags: Mafia, Fantasy, Action, Romance, Magic

Nima-nima010 Private 49 3
Team Rocket's HQ

We are team rocket reborn.

Tags: Team, Rocket, TeamRocket, Pokemon, Trainer

Meti Masamune Public 36 23
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