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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian Secret Service

Our agents are leaders, commanders and Soldiers. for people who are Intelligent, social, orators, commanding, brave, and leaders.

Tags: Armed Forces, CIA, FBI, Command, Government, Leaders

Senator Sol Private 63 78
Halo: The Boots on the Line

Halo RP for the Active and Semi literate.

Tags: ODST, Spartan, Halo, UNSC, Marines

FloodCupcake Public 331 15
Hippie Marine

Madness and wanderers unite

Tags: Hippie, Marines

okivision Private 53 7
Gaia Prototype

we are the gaians

Tags: snipers, marines, black ops, police, swat

BloodySayain Public 13 10
Allied Special Forces (ASF)

Loyalty. Duty. Respect. Selfless Service. Honor. Integrity. Personal Courage. = LDRSHIP

Tags: Marine special forces, Army Special Forces (asf), Military, army special forces, Navy special forces

Winter Wipeout Private 383 73
Angels of Snow (Modern War of Angles) (U/A)

Pick a side, socialize, battle, and pray you'll survive

Tags: fight, modern, angels, Battle, Wars

Jackal of Judgement Public 102 7


Tags: One piece, anime, Army, Navy, Marine

McBuffin Smith Public 46 93
The Soviet Union (SU)

The toughest soldiers in the world, we will crush you.

Tags: Military, Role Play, Airborne, United States, Marines

MPD_Grit Private 25 12
United States Colonist {Militia}

We fight for freedom, Independence, and we do not accept tyrants!

Tags: Army, Military, Marines, Squad, Tags

MPD_Grit Public 2 13
UNSC Reach Protection Unit

We Are one of the elite Task forces On reach Your job: protect Your home.

Knotty Wolf Public 1 3
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