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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
~Academy of the dead~

Welcome to the school for undead

Tags: vampire, werewolf, rouge, contest, vampwolf

I Miaou I Public 1,938 80
-MSF- Military Special Forces

this guild is for the gaia military

Tags: military, marine, us marines, military special forces, sniper

HPHONE Private 45 39
Armed Forced Guild

A guild to discuss anything in regards to the Armed Forces.

Tags: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps., Coast Guard

TheHammerTaco Public 6 4
One Piece RP; A World in Chaos

Set sail on an epic adventure! Rather you sail for One Piece or justice, make your dreams come true in a world in chaos!

Tags: semi-literate, One Piece, Pirates, Marines, Guild wide

SuperExplosivePoptart Public 974 18
M.S.F -Marine special forces (Under construction by Vet)

The few the proud the Marines

Tags: United, states, Marine, corps

Viktor Richtofen Private 48 13
Marine Expeditionary Unit MEU

The Amphibious Unit for Marine Corps (MC) led by General Roach. [RECRUITING NOW]

Tags: United States, Marine Corps, Marines, Expeditionary, Unit

Infantry Lord Public 62 28
United German Military

This military is established to protect the country of Germany and to serve and help its alliances.

Tags: FxApoc Reborn, Semper Fi USMC, MEU_Grit, Military, Army

MPD_Grit Private 10 3
the american Marines

we dress in starter solider solider outfit and have fun in rallys and VH

Tags: soilders, army, marines, navy, air force

StalkingLillies Public 1 3
Micro Inc.

Build planes, weapons, Jets, Missiles, Ships, and all for every military!

Tags: Military Police Department, Military, Army, Marines, Navy

MPD_Grit Private 3 1
Alpha Squad Team

Tags: roleplay, Navy Seals, Green Berrets, Army, Marines

darky_the_elf Public 3 1
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