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Marine Expeditionary Unit MEU

The Amphibious Unit for Marine Corps (MC) led by General Roach. [RECRUITING NOW]

Tags: United States, Marine Corps, Marines, Expeditionary, Unit

Infantry Lord Public 62 28
Navy Medicine Gaia

A corps of the finest Medicine the gaian Military can Aford

Tags: Medical, navy

eui Public 1,860 26
~Academy of the dead~

Welcome to the school for undead

Tags: vampire, werewolf, rouge, contest, vampwolf

I Miaou I Public 1,938 80
-MSF- Military Special Forces

this guild is for the gaia military

Tags: military, marine, us marines, military special forces, sniper

HPHONE Private 45 39
Armed Forced Guild

A guild to discuss anything in regards to the Armed Forces.

Tags: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps., Coast Guard

TheHammerTaco Public 6 4
One Piece RP; A World in Chaos

Set sail on an epic adventure! Rather you sail for One Piece or justice, make your dreams come true in a world in chaos!

Tags: semi-literate, One Piece, Pirates, Marines, Guild wide

SuperExplosivePoptart Public 974 18
the american Marines

we dress in starter solider solider outfit and have fun in rallys and VH

Tags: soilders, army, marines, navy, air force

StalkingLillies Public 1 3
Micro Inc.

Build planes, weapons, Jets, Missiles, Ships, and all for every military!

Tags: Military Police Department, Military, Army, Marines, Navy

MPD_Grit Private 3 1
Alpha Squad Team

Tags: roleplay, Navy Seals, Green Berrets, Army, Marines

darky_the_elf Public 3 1
Force Reconnaissance Company

United States Marine Corps force Reconnaissance

Tags: Marine Corps, USMC, Recon, Military, Marine

slayerak6 Public 3 1
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