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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Rogue Seven guild

A peace keeping military/merc group currently not accepting

Tags: rogue, mercenary, seven, military

Therogueleader Public 1,146 13
One Piece: The Seven Star Isles

A new, literate One Piece roleplay

Tags: One Piece, Roleplay, Literate, Pirates, Anime

Doctor_Whiteface Private 641 8
AVP: new birth (under construction)

a littte role playing guild primarily for fans of the alien and predator franchise and the SCI-FI/action genre

Tags: aliens, versus, predators, marines

welshzee19 Public 205 15
One Piece: The Rebellion

a dedicated rp group based on the show One piece, but not limited to it.

Tags: One Piece, roleplaying, freeform

touchstone3 Public 7,612 5
One Piece- The New World Pirates

Based off the anime one piece.

Tags: one piece, pirates, grand line, devil fruit, marines

sano16 Public 984 24
Deadly Games

A dark fantasy twist to the Hunger Games.

Tags: Hunger Games, The Hunger Games, Fantasy, Vampires, Mythological Creatures

Acidic Corruption Public 1,162 17
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Remember! Nail your targets at a distance! Molecular acid can be a real pain in the ***

Tags: Science Fiction, Survival, Roleplay

TaintedEmoFletch Public 226 5
Assualt From The Stars

The Imperium is a empire exspanding fast defend it or attack your choice

Tags: Warhammer 40k, Space marine, Chaos, Warp, Emperor

LeaderOfTheFallen Public 8 7
One Piece RP Guild: Pirates, Villains, Marines, Navy etc.

Make your own character, get approved, and get started!

Tags: One Piece, Role, Play, Anime, Luffy

Health Candy Public 322 16
One Piece: Advent Of the Pirate Age

A semi-literate One Piece Roleplay

Kagayaku Kiba Public 10 1
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