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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Furry Critters Guild TFCG

This Guild is about Animals, You can Chat, Ask/Answer Questions, Role Play, Post Pics and lots more!

Tags: Animals, Pets, Interests, Creatures, Chat

xRiver Of Bloody Tearsx Public 2,924 369
The World of Thoramin

Embark on an adventure to save the world - or change it.

CaptainSharkFin Public 4 1
One Piece: Sea of Blood [U/C]

A one piece guild

Butter My Biscuits Public 8,219 47
U.S. Marine Corps USMC

We are the U.S. Marine Corps USMC Semper Fi

Tags: marines, military, gaia, usmc, marine corps

iiEagle Public 221 161
Official Gaia Police Department911

This Guild Has The #1 Security.

Tags: Gaia Police Department, SWAT, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard

Gabriel-BlackDragon Private 668 186
The Gaia Defenders

We protect everyone in gaia

Tags: Dragon Squad, Halo Sqaud, Warrior Squad, Spy Sqaud, Marines Squad

BloodySayain Public 86 30
One Piece: The Second Generation

Experience being a pirate, a marine, or any other race! Explore all the islands and the unknown with your own pirate crew!

Tags: Pirates, Marines/Navy, Fighting, Role-playing, Devil Fruits

BingoOttie Public 741 33
United States Armed Force

Recruits are welcome!!

Tags: Battle, Peace, Integrity, Tenacity

Stu Alexander Bennett Public 475 54
Halo: Attack on New Harmony

New Harmony. A peaceful planet. Until the Covenant came. The mystery came when the covenant didn't start glassing the planet.

Tags: Halo, ODST, Spartan, New Harmony, Military

Major Jhon King -JSF- Private 161 7
Quest for One Piece; Rekindled {o/a}

Join the race for One Piece, sixty years after Monkey D. Luffy, the last Pirate King.

Tags: One Piece, Devil's Fruit, Roleplay

Mika Aida Public 3,597 19
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