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Deep-Sea Prisoner Guild

A guild made for fans of Deep-Sea Prisoner and their works

Tags: Deep-Sea Prisoner, Mogeko Castle, The Gray Garden, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Okegom

Youkai Saint Private 782 48
Comet Trail

A guild for cosplayers and roleplayers alike.

Tags: Roleplaying, Cosplaying, Anime, Manga, Fun loveing

Bloud_Trina Public 328 15
Roleplayer United

A standard Multi-RP guild for people to relax and have fun

Tags: Anime/Manga, Video Games, Fanfiction, Roleplaying, Creativity

Andras Van Malice Private 46 10
The Official Uchiha Clan [Recruiting]

Tags: Uchiha, Manga, Naruto, Roleplaying, Recruiting

Shiko Uchiha Private 19,229 1,182
Project: ROFLcopter

devoted to anime, manga, games, music, and the all-mighty ROFLcopter.

Tags: anime, gaming, music, role playing, manga

sionofflames Public 4,550 25
Horror Film Nerds

Horror Films!

Tags: Horror Films, Horror Books, Horror Manga, Horror Anime, Horror Video Games

Junko Hisoka Public 184 11

A guild for those who adore Cresento and Nicolae as a couple.

Tags: cresento, nicolae, npcs, cresolae, shipping

Yamashta Public 108 98
Book Reviews by Gaians for Gaians

If you like to read, like to read and write reviews come on in.

Tags: books, novels, reviews, manga

Leonaenae Public 464 11
One on One Roleplaying and Small Groups

For One on One roleplays, Small groups (Four or less), as well as helping to improve skills and workshops.

Tags: Anime, Manga, One on One, Small Groups, Roleplay Workshops

Shirou Saberfox Public 39 10
Puella Magi: Night of the Witches

A Madoka Magica rp from before the events of the series

Tags: fantasy, anime, manga

xAsuna Kirigayax Private 9 3
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