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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Misfit Pack


Tags: pack, epicness, family

iPlayboy Panda Public 64 14
Canadian Pride

A guild designed specifically for Canadians. Must have citizenship.

Tags: Canada, Canadian, Pride, Frozen, Winter

MabeIIe Public 52 24
The Vangore Clan

The Vangore Clan of elite reps...

Tags: Yakuza, Mafia, Clan, Family, Vangore

Captain Aldric Oraeligh Public 6 10
Royal Lone Wolves

a pack of "lone wolves" banded together, to have fun.

Tags: role-playing, mythical creatures, royalty, family, "lone wolf(s)"

KeystoneShaneDVS Public 58 40
Last Chance

Wild West roleplay with aliens and shit.

Tags: Wild West, Outer Space, Aliens, Bandits

LazarusTodd Private 26 5
Howlers Moonlight

Wolf Pack

Tags: Howlers, Moonlight, Wolves, Wolf pack, Wolf family

FaIIen Vibes Public 25 11

You dont know what it means? Come up in rank and find out..

Tags: Swag, Pranks, Donations, Contests, Family

UTG SirRalphy Private 11 12
A$AP Family

Just people who are Ride, or die, stay loyal to the ASAP Family.

Tags: Rap music, Music, Friends, Asap

zSonicZ Public 3 21
Loyal Clan

All Respect And Honor

Tags: Loyal, Helpful, General, Prosperity, Gold

Loyal Ashley Phantom Private 4 3
Familie der Weisshart

Home of the Weisshart family.

Diabolic Grin Private 6 11
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