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Last Kings

Queens and Kings should stand together

Tags: Respect, Pride, Loyalty, Wise, Love

Dayrs Public 28 16
The Desano Clan

Tags: ninja clan, roleplay, home, samurais, loyalty

Lord Kanaye Private 883 7


Tags: Steam Punk, Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Dark and Light, Good and Evil

Arcine Public 6,484 36
Yami Yakuza

The gaian Yami Yakuza community.

Tags: zOMG, Roleplay, Video Games, Anime, Yakuza

LeonJLoire Private 5,097 76
the RISING. - among warriors.

The Rising is a literate role play guild based around the epic and intense lives of Warriors.

Tags: Warriors, Role Playing, Cats, Clans, Epic

Clever Ducky Public 11,004 119
Social Parasite

We're looking for loyalty.

Tags: Money, Friends, Socialization, Social Parasite, Zomg

Pretending Public 19 19
The Imperium of Antiv Lumir Lunara

"To be a member of a dominion yields its rewards. Does it not? Contribute to my Empire and you shall be rewarded in turn."

Tags: Dominion, Empire, Loyalty, Servitude, Slavery

DiIf Private 67 2
♣★✚The ℛoyal ℛed wolf Pack™✚★♣

The Royal Red Wolf Pack is where we expect the best, from the best. Take on missions, make new friends, learn to fight your way to victory

Tags: Wolf, Role-Play, Wolf pack, Empire, Family

Nelson Banyez Private 243 41
Northern Lupiros

Wolf/Canine Pack

Tags: Wolves, Dogs, Foxes, Coyotes, Etcetera

Jim Barrier Public 28 8
De Vaine Mansion

De Vaine Mansion, where twist and lust run through your lips.

Tags: Mansion, Butlers, Fantasy, Dark Era, Mistress

SERAPHlM V2 Private 80 17
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