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Bloody Coven and Pack Realm

What happens when Coven and Pack are put together?

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Mythical Creatures, Factions, Romance / Fighting

YinYangBeasty Private 10 2
Social Parasite

We're looking for loyalty.

Tags: Money, Friends, Socialization, Social Parasite, Zomg

Pretending Public 19 19
Naruto: Rise of the Shadow Shinobi

In a world where a new generation rises, a new organization follows along with it.

Tags: Shadow Shinobi, Naruto, SHadow, Shinobi, Sky Village

Hazel Madoku Public 10 4
[] Gambino Island []

Headquarters for Team Gambino

Tags: Gambino, Gaia, Towns, Island, Event

I I Sapphique I I Public 2,639 142
Warriors Of the Great

It's an RPG off of the series Warriors By Erin Hunter

Tags: Warriors, Cats, Roleplaying, Great

RobinPelt Public 71 9
Warriors of Auvryduis

"The young inherit power, but hunger for more. By the blood of our kill, we quench our thirst." -- Jysvrae Auntyrr Auvryduis

Tags: Dark Elf, Demon, Dragon, Drow, Fantasy

Jysvrae Auntyrr Auvryduis Private 275 23
Kingdom Of Hellzangic (Open As Of 09/16/2013)

A Kingdom Built On Peace, Love and Harmony. Or so It Was Supposed To Be.. OPEN

Tags: Medieval, Love/Romance, Conflict, Vampire, Active

A Demon To Summon Public 5 3
Obscene Barbie's Legion

A one stop shop for all your needs, plus pledging your loyalty to Obscene Barbie.

Tags: Obscene Barbie, Legion, Perfect, For everyone, Amazing

Obscene Barbie Public 7 5
Northern Lupiros

Wolf/Canine Pack

Tags: Wolves, Dogs, Foxes, Coyotes, Etcetera

Jim Barrier Public 28 8
De Vaine Mansion

De Vaine Mansion, where twist and lust run through your lips.

Tags: Mansion, Butlers, Fantasy, Dark Era, Mistress

SIy Vixen Private 80 17
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