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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
SIN Reborn: Convergence Phoenix Sorcerer Public 2,979 12
Guardians of The Veil

An expansive RP guild dedicated to a singular campaign setting

Tags: fantasy, kingdoms, magic, warrior, world

DuskFade Private 9 3
♚Forbidden Crown♚

fam that sticks together

Tags: Turn up, Loyalty, life, friends, family

Roxas20242 Public 12 12
Star Wars: Galactic Incursions

For the Republic!

Tags: star was, galactic, incursions, jedi, sith

Darth Roh Public 1,223 117
A Tale of Wishes and Blood

RP guild for both Xmen and Pokemon

Tags: xmen, pokemon, Misty, wolverine, roleplaying

Aryanna Targaryen Private 244 3
Escape From Furnace: Official Roleplaying Guild

What happens when the tides of two vastly different timelines meet?

Tags: roleplay, Tides, mystery, evil, good

Aryanna Targaryen Private 151 2
Loyal BLVD

True royalty True Religion

Chinxx Public 6 5

just a crew for cool people who want to be in a crew only a 5 gold fee to get in u just have to follow some guidelines

Tags: swag, fresh, crew, anyone can join, donations

YouGoodBruh Public 14 8
Militia Of Devils

[MOD] has Just made its transition int Gaia, Were looking for skilled and inexperienced members!

Tags: Demons, Death, Gaia, Monsters, Devils

Dealer of destruction Public 13 9
Lu Fukka's Circle: Forum and Announcements.

A small, close knit group dedicated to one another.

Tags: close knit, exclusive, worth while, progressive, powerful

ZOMGFunny Public 1 3
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