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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Desano Clan

Tags: ninja clan, roleplay, home, samurais, loyalty

Lord Kanaye Private 883 7
The Avalik Wolf Pack

Wolf Role Play

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Mates, Role Playing, Public

Mnchlx69Lrd Public 4,980 35
The Imperium of Antiv Lumir Lunara

"To be a member of a dominion yields its rewards. Does it not? Contribute to my Empire and you shall be rewarded in turn."

Tags: Dominion, Empire, Loyalty, Servitude, Slavery

Neseroth Private 67 2
Avatar United World Roleplay Guild

Avatar United World Roleplay Guild

Tags: Avatar, Last, Airbender, Roleplay

Shisei Tenshi Private 582 28
Lunar Tales

A newly formed cult has appeared, made from shape-shifters to take on Werewolves, most of them being friends or even family.

Tags: WereWolves, Action, Shape shifters, Elements, Fantasy

DarkKitsune713 Private 476 17
The Banashe Family

A royal family, unlike any other... actually, prolly like some others :3

Tags: Royal, Roleplaying, Family, Honor, Loyalty

chisano Private 28 9
Prussian Schutz

As a loyal member of the revived Old-World Prussian Schutz, stand with us and converse with your natural abilities.

Tags: World, Writing, History, Artistic, Poetry

Richter Agilo Public 13 6
Yuki no ōkami (Wolves of Winter)

The wolf pack where no one is left behind...

Tags: Wolves, Roleplay, Love, Loyalty, Gentle

Ryu Nerith Public 11 9
The WICKED: Degeneration

An action-based Vampire/Werewolf Apolcalypse RP.

Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, Shoot 'em up, Science-based, Action

TrickyCain Private 12 4
BHC (Big House Crew)

For true ride or die fam

Tags: BHCC, Real, True, Honesty, Faith

CR- DentonBoy Public 6 7
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