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A Slave's Pain, A Master's Pleasure.

A Slave's Pain, a Master's PLease, (SPMS) is a Slave and Master guild.

Tags: slave, master, role playing, Gaia online

darrenxluna Public 1,491 72
{{The Crimson City}}

A technologically advanced city for the use of the SOO population.

Tags: SOoO, guns, kill, gold, military

The Sanguine Devil Private 130 8
[ Elite Metalbending Police Force ]

We are Republic City's Elite Metalbending Police Force! Our duty is to keep our city safe and organized.

Tags: Metalbending, Toph, Chief Lin Beifong, Republic City, Earthbending

Ozzy Oddwick Private 18 11
United Citizen Federation

Service Guarantees Citizenship!

Tags: Federation, Starship, Military, Army, Troopers

ErwinRommel Private 61 4
In Christ Alone

John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Timothy 2:5

Tags: Christian, gospel, religion, Truth, Love

Micah Seven Eighteen Private 351 33
Improper Society

A Victorian Steampunk Role Playing Guild

Tags: Steampunk, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Furry

Edmund_Gallows Private 883 21
[Black on White]

[We are a friendly bunch that loves discussions]

Tags: Entertainment, Discussion, Friends, Openness

Mysterioux-Jade Private 440 14

-The Universe is Our Playground-

IC - Ishmael Ark Private 7 5
The Love-Dare

Those of you who want to learn of a way to strengthen your relationships are welcome to come here, but these are based off Christianity.

Tags: Love, Challenge

Conker4253 Public 56 10
PWE: Pro Wrestling ELITE

The Wrestling Company Where Elites Compete

Tags: Wrestling, Championships, Roleplay, Elites

Straight Edge Saint Private 12 1
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