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Pokemon Destinies

We have just started and are looking for players to join.

Tags: Pokemon, grand expedition, anime, fighting rpg

Cloud Sirius Arashi Public 1 3
Post-Apocalyptica DawnThe Dark Morningstar Private 244 4
Origin: Sigma (A Teen Titans RP)

An alternate origins tale for our favorite teen heroes. Cartoon-verse with heavy comic book-verse influences.

Tags: teen titans, gotham, alternate universe, robin, literate

Kae_Kit Private 56 3
Future Swat Team Maid Waitresses (Open)


Dawn Landers Private 240 1
Їйfёcтїоц$ Dємї$є (A Zомвїє Apоcalуp$ё ЯP)

Will you survive?

Tags: Zombie, Literate/Semi Lit, Romance, Roleplay, Action

Nicolette Mahar Public 623 9
Oh, The Irony

An Rp about defective experiments that have an.... Ironic.... quality to them.

Tags: Supernatural, Experiments, Roleplaying, Scientists

SafyreChaos Public 924 16
Vocaloid Ask RPs

You make a thread of your favorite Vocaloid, and you can play as them~

Tags: Vocaloid Ask, Vocaloid RPs, Vocaloid Music, Vocaloid Fanart/Fanfiction, Vocaloid

ToriNinjaWolf1_ Public 28 9
pokemon infinate (in construction)

hello, thank you for joining pokemon infinate

Tags: pokemon, roleplaying, semiliterate, gijinkas, awsome

The Crimson Vampire Lord Public 12 7
Wrath of the Chimera

Chimeras strike back against their scientist creators. Can the alliance stop them?

Tags: Fantasy, Action, Science, Chimera, Battle

Suki_Guardian_of_Death Private 13 1
Ookami Demise

We thought we were normal, that we owned ourselves... but the truth is we don't. At least, not anymore...

Tags: Wolf, Sci-fi, Wars, Experments, Adventure

Dragons Suma Public 41 1
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