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A guild for participants in NaNoWriMo -- 30 days and nights of creating a one of a kind novel!

Tags: nano, nanowrimo, novel, writing, fanfic

Sevi Rais Private 5,966 447
Atlantis: The Lost Land

A Different Kind Of Guild.

Tags: mermaids, humans, Fantasy, Fighting, Romance

Alliecat298 Public 694 20
Kitten Central

Kitten Lovers, Kittens, and More

Tags: Kitten, Lover

Heyitsmallow Public 69 11
Towns Grunny Guild

Gaia's Supreme Elite Force of Grunnies

Tags: Gaia, Towns, Army, Grunny, World

Actmin Public 32 19
..::Butterfly Magic::..

Welcome! Hang out with friends and make new ones. We're a small guild, so it'll be easy to make good friends here. Also, marshmallows!

Roisu Private 4,995 80
An RP Haven

RP whatever you want, and discuss whatever you want. An RP guild open for everyone and everything!

Tags: roleplay, variety, icecream, whatothertagscaniuse, dinosaurs

KatjaJean Public 472 7
Honor Amoung Thieves

Tags: Theif, Knight, Medieval, Fantasy, Anime

_Sleepying_angel_ Private 418 3
Double Cat Crew

Cats! It's all about dem kittehs

Tags: Cats, Feline, Kittens, Pets, Fuzzballs of joy

Emibunnie Public 7 6
Flying Kitten Stars~ A Charity!

Your extraterrestrial charity!

Tags: kitten star, charity, donation

Shhh Im Sleeping Public 58 27
Pandas and Kittens! (Alpha mode! XP)

Guild for the breedables project 'Pandas and Kittens'. Interested? There's free stuff.....!

Tags: Pandas, kittens, trading, pets

Kiti Veilleux Public 28 3
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